Monday, August 22, 2011

I guess you just learn to live with it.

A question was posed this weekend in our services for newlyweds:
"What is your wife's most annoying habit?"

Beau and I are not newlyweds. Far from it.

This year we will have been married 17 years. Seventeen great years.

But, I wondered ... "Hmmm ... What would Beau think my most annoying habit is? Do I even have an annoying habit because I don't find myself annoying? And if he couldn't think of an annoying habit for me, I could think of at least two of his that drive me batty. Or would he do the typical-male thing of proclaiming I'm perfect? (nah ... not Beau)"

So, I did pose the question to him.

He thought a while and said, "I really can't think of anything."

I said, "There's gotta be something."

I gave suggestions: 
The fact that I don't squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube (and actually squeeze it right in the middle just for sport now)
The fact that Beau has to scoot the driver's seat back every time he has to drive after me because our huge height difference (like I can help how short God made me)
The fact that I subconsciously rub his leg with my foot in a back-and-forth rocking motion when I'm falling asleep (blame Mama for that one ... rocked to sleep every night ... which makes me smile)

Nope. None of those. He claimed they didn't really annoy him at all.

So, like any good wife, I told him his annoying habit ... biting his nails. Grrrr. But, seriously, I've given up the fight. I'm looking forward to the day he loses his teeth.

Trust me. There are a few others that I think most wives battle with ... the clothes on the floor, the constant flipping of TV channels, etc.

However, none of these things irritate me so much that I complain about them. He knows how I feel and I realize I do correct him like a child sometimes about his nails. But it really does no good.

I think as couples grow older together, these little things become insignificant. They really do.

Believe it or not, I wouldn't trade that nail-biting for the best manicured nails in the world (or for anything for that matter).