Monday, July 25, 2011

The Way It's Been

I haven't felt like writing lately.

I haven't felt like documenting much of anything lately.

And, the crazy thing is that I have had so much to document.

God did amazing things in El Salvador:
1226 people reached with the Gospel
226 salvations
110 needs prayed for
7 miracles

Yes. Amazing!

Here's our team ... Great, great team!

The entire experience was life-changing for all of us. I still firmly believe that every person should go on at least one mission trip in their lifetime.

After the week of intense ministry, I was exhausted. Exhausted in every way.

I arrived home on Saturday evening, frantically washed clothes, and was back on the road again at 8:00 a.m. for a multi-family beach vacation.

I was ready to relax. And, yes, there were moments of relaxation. 
Here's proof of that.

Unfortunately Beau and K Belle burned to a crisp the first day. La Petite Belle ... the third day.

I even got a date night with the hubs.

I had a great time, but continued to feel exhausted. I was on vacation, but exhausted.

We came home and had a full weekend. No break. Right back at it. I was exhausted. Does that even make any sense that I would need some rest after my vacation? I am still exhausted.

I'm not sure why, but honestly I have not one desire to do anything but sleep and sit on the couch. If you know me, this is not me. I'm constantly on the go.

I'm hoping to recuperate this week and get the spring in my step back and my desire to blog or step foot out of the house back. A little Prozac may help. (Relax. Just kidding.)

Until tomorrow ... 

(unless I'm exhausted again).