Friday, July 1, 2011

All the Single Ladies

An interesting comment was made on one of our many treks around town yesterday.

The girls and I were discussing an upcoming wedding we're attending this weekend and La Petite Belle asked one of the most important questions in her mind: "Will they be throwing the bouquet?"

K Belle and I assured her that they would. And, that maybe she should sit out and let the older unmarried ladies catch the bouquet, seeing as her record stands at three bouquets caught. I think she sees it as a sport. She's competitive like her daddy (cough, cough).

La Petite Belle reassured us that the bouquet-throwing was just a "myth" anyway.

K Belle mentioned that she would be depressed if La Petite Belle were to get married before her.

To which La Petite Belle responded, "You're probably going to be an old hag widow (not realizing that that means she would have been married) while I'm in my mansion splitting a t-bone with my husband."

Mansion + T-Bone Steak + Husband = Happiness

I'd say she has her priorities pretty straight.

Wish me luck in trying to distract her from the anticipated bouquet-throw!


Alli said...

I laughed out loud :-).

cfoxes33 said...

La Petite Belle made me giggle!

H-Mama said...

crack. me. up.

12-arrows said...

Hilarious! thanks for the great laugh,just love the minds of kids and the things they say . . . are the BEST