Wednesday, June 8, 2011

She ain't shy.

See this girl here?

This girl was challenged to bring a friend to VBS this week.

For La Petite Belle, this was not just a challenge but a MUST.

She went to run errands with her popee (grandfather) and eyed a young girl playing on her front porch near one of the places they needed to stop. She wasted no time in going over and inviting the little girl to go with her the next day to VBS.

Absolutely NO FEAR in this girl. Boldness is her middle name.

The stranger, Violet, was picked up yesterday morning by La Petite Belle and my parents. She attended VBS with La Petite Belle and may be attending today.

When I mentioned to her nana (grandmother) that she may just be a little soul-winner, Nana mentioned that there was a prize involved.

I prefer to think that Jesus was her main motivation.


cfoxes33 said...

Yes, but this is the beginning. First they do it for the prize, the next time it's for Jesus.

Penny said...


BaronessBlack said...

Ha! Not knowing what VBS was, I was thinking somehow this had to do with computer programming! VBS = Visual Basic Script!
You were talking about vacation Bible study, right?

jennifer said...

I love that sort of boldness! Good for her.