Thursday, June 2, 2011

Moses and Me

I feel like I can relate to Moses in a lot of ways:

He didn't want to speak in front of people and thought it'd be better for Aaron to do it. I can relate to that.

He got angry with the Israelites a lot. I can relate to that.

He was fearful and questioned God a lot. I can relate to that.

He was disobedient at times. I can totally relate to that.

In reading about good 'ol Moses, I made the statement yesterday to Beau and La Petite Belle that I really just didn't understand why God wouldn't allow Him to enter the Promised Land. I just didn't get it.

La Petite Belle said he was just too old and God knew He wasn't going to make it. I liked her thinking but let her know that wasn't why. 

I know why ... Disobedience. I understand that. I get that part.

But, honestly, that's some harsh punishment for hitting a rock over speaking to a rock. At first, I had to go back and re-read what Moses had done because I had forgotten. That's how minor I thought it was. 
 Who of us might've hit that same rock? Or do hit a similar rock every day? Goodness gracious ... can you imagine the justice we deserve?

Again, I questioned God's punishment.

Then, I remembered something I'd heard Francis Chan say ... "Is it possible God's sense of justice is way bigger than ours?"

Of course. That makes sense.

God is holy. I've always known this but I think my idea of His holiness is not even close to what the word "holy" even means.

He is holy. And, He is justice.

God doesn't just act justly. He is, in His very nature, justice. He's not conforming to something we've set up; it's who He is.

His sense of justice is way bigger than ours. We can't comprehend this and it even seems foolish to try.

But, what leaves me dumbfounded is that this God that is justice is also grace and mercy.

 I'm extremely humbled and grateful for a God who loves me so much, that He set aside part of who He is to save me from His own justice. 

Wow. Thank God for His grace.

Here's the Francis Chan video about his upcoming book on Hell. I hope you get time to watch it. It really made me think, not only about God's sense of justice, but about the newest controversy in the Christian community over Hell.


Penny said...

OH MY GOSH, I LOVE that video!! I found it a couple of days ago and was sharing it with our SS class. You're so right, too! What we see as justice and what God sees as justice aren't always the same.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't forget that that "rock" was a picture of Christ. When Moses hit it he was destroying the picture God was making of one death for all sin, instead creating a picture of one death NOT being enough to cover all sin.
We look at that story and see a stressed out man over reacting a little. Hey I do that! Everyday even! But God saw a little temper tantrum destroying a carefully planned picture of His ultimate plan. God couldn't afford to let it pass.
God is not without mercy though, don't forget that he let Moses see the land, and took his body - wow! I don't think God enjoyed the punishment any more than I when I have a naughty kid to deal with! : )
So I had better watch my own over reactions, right? Could be that God is trying to use me. Scary thought. : )
Becky in MI