Monday, June 27, 2011

Ending on a High Note.


I spent the weekend leading worship in our services with these two boys.

There was a point in our rehearsal on Saturday night that I thought ... "Hmmm ... Either of these guys could be my kid." I even thought of a title for a potential sitcom, "Two Guys, An Old Lady, & A Worship Service." Catchy, I know.

I wondered also at what point God will just say, "You're done."

I have sung all my life. I love it. Not just the singing, but I love worship most of all. I think if I could just do that the rest of my life, I would be content.

But, I also realize there are limits on some things. And, I've come to grips with that and am slowly becoming OK with it.

I want God to let me know when the right time to quit is. I don't want to overstay my welcome, if you know what I mean.

Because, let's be honest, some people just need to know when to quit.

Let me explain.

Take for example, Stevie Nicks.

Stevie Nicks of 1977 and Fleetwood Mac ... awesome.
Stevie Nicks coming back to record an album in 2011 ... not good.

Let's also look at another example ... Law & Order (also known on CBS as C.S.I.).
Seriously ... how many different versions of these shows can we have? The good characters that started the shows are gone. The shows are not even worth watching anymore. Networks ... it's time for something new.

I also just saw that Nicolas Cage is still making movies. What?!
He should have stopped after the National Treasure films. Nick ... retirement is calling. Just trying to keep the cool image of you in Raising Arizona alive.

Guess who else is still hangin' around? Tom Cruise. Yep. He's making another Mission Impossible movie. Ridiculous. He'd better be careful. He may throw out a hip. Tommy, oh, Tommy ... remember Top Gun? Let's not ruin that for every woman.

Can we talk? Remember who said that phrase every day some years ago? Yep. Joan Rivers.
You do realize she's in her seventies, right? I won't even say a word about her numerous plastic surgeries. It's just gross. Shouldn't she be a nice, little grandma baking cookies for her grandkids right now instead of what she's become? Joan ... retire.

Talk about overstaying a welcome.

Dear Lord, 

I know you love me too much to allow such ridiculousness for me.

 Thank you!
Your daughter


Penny said...

I think you can still rock out a worship service. You're hipper than me!!! =)

My husband is in a contemporary worship band, and he, too, has contemplated the time when he will need to step down (which hopefully won't be for a while -- he's just Super Planner). It's good to know that the time will eventually come, and we've just got to pray that God directs us when that time is. =)

Jodie | Velour said...

I love me some H.I. McDunnough. "We got us a family unit here, Hi."

I do think it's time for Cage to hang it up though. As for Joan though, she don't seem the "baking cookies" type, and I actually like her. She's old, but she's feisty. All the other yahoos can go sit down and retire or whathaveya, but I don't mind if Joan keeps kicking. I like her.

...Poor Tom Cruise though, he may be the saddest case. He's so weird! Haha! Back in the day though...