Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One more reminder

La Petite Belle was being super sweet. I think K Belle's 8th grade graduation made her a little sentimental.
(Hope to have pictures tomorrow that are not from my phone.)

I was lying in the bed reading emails on my phone. La Petite Belle came in and told me to put my phone away so that we could spend some quality time together.

So, of course, I did.

She gave me a massage. She's quite a good little masseuse.

She gave me a foot rub, with lotion mind you.

She filed my nails.

She fixed my hair.

She did my make-up.

I even let her use the tweezers. Scary.

As she was this close to my face, she says, "Mama, what happened to your face right there?"

I got a little concerned.

I said, "What? Where?"

La Petite Belle: "There's a line right here." (tracing a line on my cheek near the side of my mouth)

Me: "Uh ... that's a wrinkle."

La Petite Belle: "Oh." (giggles)

Gee thanks, babe.

I think she felt bad after that because she brought this up to me after she was done with my makeover.

She's still a sweetheart.

And, yeah ... I get it ... I'm getting old.


sara said...

who cares about getting old....I want my daughter to do that for me!!!!! How sweet is that?!!!

H-Mama said...

tweezers? you are a brave woman. ;) such a bitter-sweet moment, yes? i have those lines, too.

Penny said...

Lol, awww!! That's sweet and funny at the same time.

I "LOVE" it when my husband says, "Hey, what's on your face?" Um, yes, sweetie, that's called a zit. I guess I should be grateful because my face is actually really clear and when I get them, it surprises him...but I'm still not grateful for those comments, ha!