Friday, May 20, 2011

It's all over but the cryin'.

Today is officially K Belle's last day of middle school. Her actual 8th grade graduation is next week, but classes are done!

I have to say I ain't hatin' that.

I, along with everyone, am done too. We're all a bit weary here and as a former teacher, I think I can say without a doubt that the teachers are done too. It's definitely time for a break.

We went to a high school meeting last night and I must say ... I'm a little nervous about all that. I feel like a mama hen who doesn't want her little chick to get too far away from the nest for fear of the foxes and weasels that are out there ready to chew her up. I know that's probably a little overdramatic, but it's pretty much how I'm feeling here.

But there's another important day in my memory too ... the day of her dedication. That was the day where her daddy and I stood before thousands of people and God and committed her to the Lord. We stood there saying we trust God with her life. To me that includes trusting that God has her in His hands. She belongs to Him. We're just here to teach her, guide her, show her, take care of her, and most of all, love her.

How much do we really trust the Lord? How hard is it to loosen the grip on our kids' lives?

Oh it's hard.

Real. Hard.

While it is hard, I can't help but feel anxious to see what God's going to do in her life. So many emotions.


sara said...

this is an exciting time and though you are anxious, I think you will find the transition to HS not near as big as the one to least I did.

BaronessBlack said...

Wow! So is K Belle done for the summer now? I really miss having long summer holidays
I went away and read up on dedications (I didn't know about them because we baptise our babies), which was really interesting!

Aspiemom said...

Very nice post! I like how when you're worried about h.s. you remember dedicating her to the Lord!