Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Child of the Seventies

As I was watching TV last night, I saw a quick promo for a new series coming this fall.

Yep ... They're re-making Charlie's Angels.

Yeah, the girls are cute. I have no clue who any of them are. I don't know exactly how I feel about this.
Is this the best idea? I mean ... Wasn't Charlie's Angels one of the most awesome shows of the seventies? The cast alone could never be matched. 

Let me explain my history with the "angels" ...

I was a young girl when this show was on and absolutely loved it. It showed women as beautiful, smart, and strong. I thought women could do anything!

The show came on a little later in the evening and past my bedtime, but because I had a sincere love for the show and begged my mom to let me stay up just that one night a week, I was able to watch it. Even thought it was a school night, it was the one night my bedtime was an hour later. Thank you, Mama!

My favorite "angel" was Kelly (Jaclyn Smith). I wrote her fan letters and wore Enjoli (her perfume). I was a young stalker. Cut me some slack ... I was a kid.

On the playground, we would play Charlie's Angels. It was always a fight over who would be who because I wouldn't play unless I was Kelly. We'd rotate who was each character because no one wanted to get stuck playing Sabrina. We had that gun-pose down and chased criminals all over the yard.

I don't think I'll watch the show because I want to keep my great memories of the "angels" in tact.

Other great things of the seventies that can't be matched:

Who doesn't love the bright, bold wallpaper patterns?

 Granted ... there was some good and bad fashion. But, the good was really good.

Gotta have something to wear to disco.

Fruit Stripe Gum & Pop Rocks ... Genius.

Fondue is totally making a comeback. You go, fondue!

Man, I do love the '70s.


Tammy said...

You go, Daphne. Loved it! Giggled all the way through and got a little warm and fuzzy when I saw those pop-rocks. Thanks for the trip down memory lane this morning. Great way to start my day!

The Hat Chick said...

And don't forget music by "Queen". I always loved Kelly too. Anytime I went to the hairdresser, she gave me Charlie's Angels Kelly hair.

Chantelle said...

I wouldn't play unless I was Kelly either. :)

Sara said...

I love Fruit Stripe gum, so much so, that when I saw it in a "speciality" store I paid $3.00 for a pack, and then remembered the flaw of the fruit stripe: it looses it's taste 2 seconds after you start chewing it. Now, I can find it just about anywhere, and nope, I don't but it.
I did watch Charlie's Angels, but I was more into Dukes of Hazard, Donny and Marie, Dallas...come to think of it I think I'm a decade later 80's. I will say: I loved Farah's hair, Jaclyn was the "prettiest" and I liked Kate because she was the "smart" one.

Dionna said...

I recently heard they were re-making Charlie's Angels as well and I'm with you - I don't think you should mess with something that was such a classic. Everytime they try (Knight Rider for example) it falls waayyy short.

Penny said...

I didn't realize they were remaking Charlie's Angels!! Hmmm...the girls in that picture just don't...they don't "fit" if that makes any sense. They don't look like they could hold a gun, lol!!