Monday, May 9, 2011


Yes, I truly am blessed.

Being a mom is definitely my greatest accomplishment.

There are times I feel like I've totally messed up. And, then there are times that my kids make me so proud and I think I've done something right. It's a common thought among moms. As women, we try to be perfect with EVERYTHING, especially parenting. Super Mom to the rescue! (although this mom is far from gaining that title) Being a perfect mom is not attainable. Yes, we try and we won't stop trying. But, there are times that we mess up. Plain and simple. And, that's OK. Live and learn, right?

I think that children appreciate seeing that their moms aren't perfect. That this woman is a real person with real feelings and vulnerabilities and not some stoic woman consisting of rules and expectations.

I hope that my girls see me as a mom that loves them tremendously and a mom that they can trust.

I love these girls.

I had a fantastic Mother's Day.

Beau and the girls brought me their gifts bright and early before church.

The girls got me a gardening gift set with a watering can, herbs, gloves, bird feeder, and bird seed. So sweet! Beau had a card with a $50 gift card to Forever 21 in it waiting for me in the car. Love!

We went to church. All the moms got a fabulous Crossroads Church duffel bag, which I also love.

We met my parents at one of my favorite restaurants, Bonnie Bell's Bistro, for a special Mother's Day lunch. I had a beef tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes & green beans. Yum!

My mom & I at lunch.

The girls ended up leaving the restaurant with my parents and Beau and I found ourselves with some free time. We headed to Johnston St. Java. I had a little coffee and creme brulee. Then, Beau and I went to see "Water for Elephants". I loved it!

I had a fabulous day! And, feel extremely blessed. 

Thank you, Lord for the privilege of being a mom.

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Penny said...

Happy (late) Mother's Day! Glad you had a wonderful one!