Monday, April 25, 2011

What's up, my peeps?

What a fabulous weekend we had!

We were pretty much consumed with Easter production this weekend where we saw over 70 salvations. Pretty amazing. That's what it's all about!

That makes me donning this costume worth it. Let me introduce you to me and my Peeps.

Yep. I was a Peep. Long story. I'll let you know when the production's up on the web so you can see it for yourself.

The highlight of the weekend for me though was getting to see my daughter compete in the Fine Arts Competition at the Louisiana District A/G Youth Convention.

She competed with her group in the human video competition which advanced to Nationals in Phoenix this summer and she competed in the worship band competition. 

I am extremely proud of her for even entering the worship band part of the competition. The band worked mostly on their own and two of the band members only learned their instrument for the competition. They did not advance, but I think I'm more proud that they did this and can now work harder for next year. I think it was great! I also think that my little girl has a definite calling on her life in this area. I can't imagine doing what she's doing at 13 years old.

Here's just a snippet of the video from my phone (not great). K Belle invites people to worship up front, plays keys, and led the first song, then sang harmony on the rest.

Another proud-mama moment!

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sara said...

so awesome!!!! You should be VERY proud!!!