Monday, April 18, 2011

Take the Time

I just came back from an annual girlfriends' beach trip. It's our fourth year to head on out to one of the girl's dad's beach house on Dauphin Island (AL).

The house is amazing, steps away from the water ... the gulf on one side and the bay on the other.

This trip is important to each one of us.

As wives, mommies, and working women, it's quite difficult for us to get away. We search for dates. We get irritated when we can't seem to find one weekend that will work for all of us. Then, it happens ... we compromise, plan it, and agree to make arrangements for our families. Those arrangements can mean many difficult things like having grandparents take over in school carlines and homework, missing family weddings, trusting husbands to fix ponytails and not allow their children to attend church in mismatched clothes and ratty flip-flops, and simply trusting beloved family members & friends to tote our kids from one activity to another. It's asking a lot, I know.

But, we did it. And, we do it every time.


Because of how important our friendships are to one another. 

Friendships take work and effort. Each person has to invest time.

There are times that we disagree or even hurt each other's feelings. That's when the work begins. Do we give up and walk away from our friendships? No. We push through. We've invested too much to let go. Because good friendships are few and far between. We want these to last. We want to be in our eighties still having coffee together, attending our accountability & Bible study time, having girls' nights, making beach trips, sharing our hearts, and most of all, just being available and ready to help each other if needed.

I love these girls.

Remember to take the time to invest in the relationships you have. It's so important. (and fun too)


sara said...

I have a group of 8 ladies that I met in the first church my husband pastor'd at. We have been meeting together the same weekend each year for 18 years now!!! These ladies are my closest friends and know me as well as my husband...I love them!!! They are a treasure in my life that I realize not everyone has!!

Kristy said...

I'm learning that spending time culitaving and maintaining friendships is SO important. I commend you for not letting "life" interfere with friendship!