Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Award-Winning Artist

K Belle won Superior and Gold for this stamp she created using foam and a cutter.

She's got talent. A month or so ago she won a similar award for her poem about her dad. You should hear what I heard her play on piano last night. And let's not getting started on her sweet voice and acting skills. Pretty great.

Now, if I could just get her to care equally for her her homework and the condition of her room.


thedomesticfringe said...

Who needs homework when you've got all that raw talent?

Kidding. She's pretty amazing though. Isn't it exciting to think about how God will use her in the future? She has so much to use for His glory. That's awesome!

I love her stamp.

sara said...

good luck with that!!! :)

Isn't it awesome to see our kids succeed like that!! love it!

Penny said...

Wow, that's talented!!

And you know artist types have to have free expression...that's why you'll never win on the condition of her room. ;)

Queen Mother said...

Can't have it all. It's ok, one day when she has her own home one of her kids will trash their room!

The Hat Chick said...

Congratulations! So talented....must take after her mother!