Friday, April 29, 2011

And, you thought I wasn't crafty.

Like most women, my jewelry and accessories were out of control. 

I could never find a good organizational system for my necklaces in particular. I wanted them to just hand, not get tangled, and I wanted to be able to see each one of them at a glance for easy wardrobe accessorizing.

So, I got this idea.

Two cheap cork boards, combined with dark brown spray paint, cute material, hooks, and a staple gun and ... VOILA!

Beau gave me a hard time about how I was going to accomplish this. We argued a bit about how it was going to work, which made me more determined to make it work.

No, it's not prefect. Don't look too close because there are a lot of flaws, but it's just what I needed.

I'm quite proud that I used a hammer, drill, anchors, and a level all in one day.

Tomorrow I work on my rings and bracelets, along with my bathroom vanity cabinets. Another long day of organizing.

Beau continues in the kitchen. I can't wait to show you once it's done. More paint goes up today. I'm a happy woman.


Lindsay said...

LOVE it! Nice work!

Cathy said...

Looks good.

Dana Dawn Calverette said...

Love it!

Mrs. Sanchez said...

i love bing crafty... what did you do to organize your rings?

Rachelle said...

I so need to do this.