Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My mama taught me well.

There are some things that my mama taught me. And, you know when Mama says it, it's right up there with those 10 Commandments. At least, that's what I always thought.

My mama taught me the rights and wrongs in a lot of areas. I don't know where she learned these most important facts ... probably from Grandma and her grandmother before her. But, I must say, she taught me well.

There are just some people out there that don't know simple rules of decency.

I am teaching the same things to my daughters. When they question why we do or don't follow these rules, I say, "Because."

Let me enlighten you.

Rule #1: Dress decently when going to the doctor (same applies to dentist).
I'm not sure why because most of the time you have to take off articles of clothing anyway, but Mom was a stickler for this one. You can wear jeans, but not shorts or God forbid sweats.
(I thought about this as I was driving K Belle to the doctor today wearing running shorts and a t-shirt, adorned with absolutely no make-up and hair pulled back in a ponytail. Mama would not be proud.)

Rule #2: Never ask what someone is cooking when you have been invited over for dinner or any other meal.
That's just rude. Someone is kind enough to invite you. You be gracious and eat whatever is served.

Rule #3: Always wash all bedding before leaving for a trip.
As Mom would say, "You'll want to come back to clean sheets."
Actually, we do an entire deep cleaning before we leave. Again, not sure why. Most of the time no one's here.

Rule #4: China (the dishes) is like gold.
I think this might be a Southern thing. Mama has several sets ... her mom's, even grandmother's. I have a couple of sets that we pull out on special occasions. But, the china Beau and I registered for years ago is still not complete and we've eaten off of it maybe five times. But, I sure do love me some china. That I definitely get from my mama.

Rule #5: Everyone must have a cast-iron skillet.
I pretty much understand that one ... cornbread, people. It's the only way.

Rule #6: Pie crusts are never to be bought.
Yeah, Mom and I struggle with this one. But her pie crusts are always way better than mine. She taunts me, but mine take less time.

Rule #7:  Thank-you notes are a must. No question about it.
I try, Mom. I really do.

Rule #8: When calling someone on the phone, you never say, "Who is this?" when the other person answers. And, if someone says that to you, you say, "Who would you like to speak to?"
I still agree with this. But, wow how our times are changin'. Our kids are not this formal anymore.

Rule #9: You never call someone after 8:00 p.m.
It's just a rule. Although I do fail miserably with my good friends on this one.

Rule #10: You decorate for every occasion.
Mama is serious about this one. The woman has three Christmas trees during Christmastime. That's not counting the ones outside. I fail miserably at this one. My spring decorating consists of a yard flag and a Publish Postpot of flowers near the front door. 

Have any such rules stuck in your head through all these years?


Tammy said...

Too cute! I related to just about all of the ones you mentioned, except the China...been married almost twenty years and do not or ever have owned a set...unless it came in a plastic bag...and it actally said Chin-ette. LOL My great grandmother used to always tell us two very important things, #1-Ladies don't spit. #2-You never say "I hate" something, it's always "I do not care for it". Very important words to live by I think. :) I miss my great-grandmother and her wisdom. :)

Penny said...

LOL!! Rule No. 4 is why my antique china (from my great-grandmother) is still happily at my mother's house. I'm too immature to own it now!! Eek!

Kristy said...

Love this! When I break a 'rule' I always think, "Mama taught me better than this!" You forgot one though...Rule # 11: Always wear a slip with skirts and dresses. I usually want to skip this one but the older I get the more I understand it's importance! LOL =D

The Hat Chick said...

Preach the gospel, sister! I would like to add "Ladies never chew gum". Mama always said it looks like a cow chewing the cud.

I have two sets of china and mama has 3. One set is my wedding china and one set was my first set as a single girl given to me when I turned 18, a place-setting for 4. I have filled it, thanks to ebay, to almost a place-setting for 24 plus serving pieces that I will pass on to Skibbie.

I think it is very important to pass down the traditions our mama and grandmamas taught us. It is part of the southern soul.

Mama Belle said...

Ha! I am a gum-chewer. Your mama would be ashamed.

Not spitting ... hopefully that's a given. :)