Thursday, March 17, 2011

Talk of Justin Bieber does not interest her.

La Petite Belle, that is.

As I massaged her little head last night for exactly seven minutes (time set by her) due to her "headache," we had a heart-to-heart about girlfriends.

You know that's something that's near and dear to my heart.

But, as a child, I was a lot like my mini-me.

I was expressing my concern to her about not letting anyone make her feel less than the wonderful girl she is and not trying too hard to fit in. I told her to be herself. 

She has this great interest in cheerleading now because all the girls in her class are doing it. She said, "The girls already leave me out of everything and this would be one more thing they can do without me." Pitiful.

She says the girls leave her out a lot.

I questioned her about all the times I've seen her playing with some of the other girls. We went through a few of her friends and she admitted she had one or two, maybe even three real friends.

But, then she said that it's more fun to play ball with the boys. She said, "The girls only talk about Justin Beiber, sleepovers, and their feet."

I said, "Their feet?"

She said, "Yeah, you know (raising her voice to sound more girly) like pedicures and manicures." She wasn't interested in talking about that stuff.

I giggled.

I guess the boys can be more fun sometimes.


Tammy said...

HA! She is a hoot! I agree with the mani-pedi stuff, and I'm 38! Thanks for sharing that sweet moment. :)

Lisa Landry said...

Are u sure your not talking about my 9 year old Emma. She is the same exact way! The other day in Walmart, she saw a JB t-shirt and squeals"Justinnnn Beiber" I said "you dont even like him" she goes "I know, just being sarcastic!" lol lol

Patrice said...

Awww...LOL! Coming from a mom of all boys...I think boys are more fun too! They are always doing something that involves getting their clothes dirty! ;) HA!

Tara said...

She is absolutely precious! I love that she is her own person and not a clone. Way to go, La Petite Belle!

Kari said...

Oh, yeah. Ellie is the same way. She gets bored with "feet" talk as well. :) We love us some La Petite Belle!!

jennifer said...

Things just don't change. I remember that feeling of being left out. Funny how I crave alone time now.

I predict that your precious daughter will be A-OK. I think the fact that she doesn't want to act like the crowd is a wonderful thing. Plus, she has a really good mama.