Friday, March 11, 2011

The German (and NYC Post #2)

See these happy people?

This was their expression the entire half hour or so that they sat next to us.

Think Frau Von Furstenberg had  a little collagen in them lips? Yikes. It made her frowny face even more frowny.

I'm totally serious. Not one smile or any other expression aside from this one the entire time.

Not only that. They sat in total silence.

The quarters were extremely tight. It was the Starbuck's in Macy's in NYC. It's always packed.

While Beau waited for our drinks, I, with the girls went to look for  a few empty seats.

There was one small section, where two people could squeeze into the booth part and one chair on the other side of the table. Basically, we only had room for three.

However, Mr. German Guy and his lovely lady had a chair across from them (the only chair in the place without a human in it)  for their bag and coats.

Beau and the girls sat down while I went to the restroom, thinking they may leave by the time I got back and Beau would snag the chair.

When I returned, the Germans were still there. Same position. Same expressions.

I walked up to our tiny area, next to the chair that held the bag & coats. I stood there for a minute and grabbed my coffee.

Beau leaned over to the German and said, (very nicely, I might add) "Excuse me. Can we use this chair?"

In my mind, I thought it was a given. No question about it. A person, a human being, does not have a seat. A bag does have a seat. Even, a coat has a seat. You take your coat and your bag and put them on your lap, and allow the human being to sit in the chair.

Heck, even men give up their seats for women.

So, that's what Beau did, after the German said something like, (in a thick German accent) "Uh, my coat ... my bag ... uh ... there are no hooks."

Beau shot him the look of death and said, "Really?"

I said, "No problem. Not a big deal." Then, I tried to fix the problem by suggesting that K Belle and I split one chair.

Between Beau and me, I am grace and mercy; he is justice. If you know me at all, that's a scary thing. But, it's true. I'm the one always trying to fix things and ease tensions. I'm the one giving excuses for other people's behavior. I'm the one wanting to give others a second chance.

Beau stood up and told me to take his seat and he stood for a while. He continued with his looks and if you know my Beau, he's got some scary looks. I'm always telling him to lift up his furrowed brow because he looks mean.

Beau and I texted back and forth while he took the German's picture and tweeted about him. I knew he was angry so I sent him the "WWJD" text. That really just makes someone more mad when they're already fuming. Ah ... gotta love it. Beau said that Jesus would curse the fig tree at the roots. Ha!

It totally didn't bother me though. If the German wanted to be a jerk, then let him be a jerk. I'm not going to let that affect me. He did succeed at his jerkdom, but I was in NYC ... in Macy's (the largest department store) ... sipping Starbuck's. He wasn't gonna get me down.

I just chalked it all up to him being German. Stereotyping, I know. But, I can do that. I've got German blood running through my veins. Those Germans are rough. I've heard stories of what my German great-grandmother used to do. I know.

More pics from the trip (No German's gonna ruin my good time.):

Natural History Museum

Subway ... The girls were scared to ride the subway until after they just did it. Hmm ... sounds like a sermon.

Gelato in Little Italy

Pastries in Little Italy

Empire State Building ... La Petite Belle was not impressed, thinking it would have been even taller.

LEGO Rockefeller Center 

St. Patrick's Cathedral ... Love! Traditional mass was going on while we visited inside. Pipe organ sounded amazing.

Jelly bean soldier at FAO Schwartz

Apple Store ... Beau's heaven on earth.

Grand Central Station

Times Square

Kylie's ridiculous picture with busted-up cardboard Justin Bieber ... I just don't get it.

Carlos' Bakery, Hoboken, NJ


sara said...

I can just envision those eye brows as they made various evil eyes at the germans! ha!

what a fun trip!!! Now I want to go to now.

The Hat Chick said...

Jellybean nutcracker....wha??? Awesome.

As for the Germans? So Rude!

Tara said...

That photo makes me feel a little sorry for the Germans. How bad does your life have to be to look that miserable... in Macy's... and in Starbucks?!?!?

Love all your photos. The one of you & Beau at Carlos' is especially cute.

Kristy said...

My hubby and I have a saying we use in situations like yours with the Germans..."consider the source." This doesn't mean to consider a person's nationality or ethnicity exactly, but rather their spiritual condition. Lost and unhappy people don't really know *how* to be nice. They often 'can't help it.' Thinking this way usually helps us be more tolerant of others actions.

Love the pics from your trip! :)

Alli said...

I'm totally jealous! I LOVE NYC!

Britta said...

Uhm, i'm german and I know this wasn't a "german thing". I do admit that a lot are very outspoken and blunt but I wouldn't say rude. I think those people were just rude, not cause they were german but because they were jerks. Just my thoughts on it..coming from a German : )

Mama Belle said...

Ha! Britta ... it was a joke. Remember ... German blood through my veins. I think only those that are those nationalities can speak against their nationality. Just a thought. If I were French, which I am (one-half), I could say they are rude, which they are.

Dana Dawn Calverette said...

I love to travel. But, I've never been to NYC. Now I really want to go! Looks like you had such a great time! Hey, those people in Starbucks just make you appreciate La. even more. You cannot fully appreciate nice people without experiencing rude people.

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

I love it--you're grace & mercy and he is justice. I have to admit, we are the opposite, and being from the justice can be equally as scary :)
Did you go to Serendipity or Magnolia Bakery??
Seriously I must travel to this NYC.

12-arrows said...

so. . . .how was Carlo's Bakery? what treats did you get and eat? my daughter wants to go there as well; NYC is my FAV place in the US! my husband thinks I'm crazy but mid-western suburbia just doesn't compare to all the chaos and noise, of which I do love!

Aspiemom said...

Well, those German's could take some lessons from us Southerners, right? Good for you for not letting it become your problem.

Looks like you had a great time. Did you like Carlo's? Were they yelling in there?

McElroy Family Happenings said...

That chick's lip is too much. Maybe it's a really bad overbite. lol