Friday, March 18, 2011

Class of 2015

That's what was on the top of K Belle's graduation requirements.

Uh, what?

2015, people.

I'm feeling older and older every day. Even now as I watch my recorded "American Idol," I see them singing songs from their birth year, most of them being the year I graduated high school. Yeah ... I could be their mom. Not lovin' that.

We did tour K Belle's her future high school last night ... a high school of over 2000. I figure she's in for a little shock coming from her little school of a little over 250.

My kids were mostly interested in the fact that Jacee Badeaux, former "American Idol" contestant, was there singing in the chorus.

K Belle was quite excited about what is to come. She's truly pumped for this upcoming year and I'm comforted knowing that she already has some friends in her freshman class.

Freshman class?

Wait ... this little girl's gonna be a freshman?

No way.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I can't believe how much she's grown up just since I met you. Crazy fast.

Patrice said...

Oh, before you know it she will be in her first year of college....I that nightmare as I type! They grow to way to fast!

As for American Idol, my 13 year old was way impressed that I knew the words to so many songs that they were singing and I was singing my heart out! Yikes, I am getting way to old!

Dana Dawn Calverette said...

Sneaks up on you, right? Wanna get more depressed? Think about how "TECHNICALLY" in about 4 years she could potentially be moving out and like, not live with you anymore. UGH. That thought is always sobering for me! How does it happen so FAST?

Cathy said...

They definitely grow too fast. But they won't stop. I know, I've tried to make them. I've got a college and high school freshman! I can't believe it.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Love the pics on your side bar first off, secondly, I was just thinking about how my oldest's birthday is today, and I am way excited and happy for him and to see him grow... but it does make me feel a tad bit old!!!

I hear ya about the American Idols freaking songs from my High School Graduation! aaaccckkk!

H-Mama said...

Such a cutie-pie! This post gives me heart-palpitations. And AI is making me feel very old this year. *sigh*

The Hat Chick said...

How does it happen? These little peeps are supposed to be running around the backyard and playing, not "doing their hair" and chatting on Facebook.

Maybe we should stop feeding them??