Thursday, February 17, 2011

You can take the teacher out of the school ...

... but you can 't take the teacher out of the teacher.

I often want to jerk a knot in a kid's tail.

For real.

K Belle often says I have a "teacher-mode" that just happens naturally.

I don't plan it. It exudes out of me.

One thing that I simply cannot tolerate is disrespect, especially in church ... even more when people are trying to worship the Lord.

I eyed two girls mocking worshipers last night and I was about two inches away from pulling their hair and giving them the look of death.

Obviously their parents made them come to church.

It really lit a fire in me. 

I had to walk out of service.

I want to be opposite of this.

I want to the the person that gives grace ... that makes excuses for why people are the way they are ... that always thinks the best of everyone.

It's one of my many flaws. Ugh. I hate it.

It's funny that I often think that way about other people and assume other people think that way about me. That people naturally think the worst in me. Why? Why would I think that? Sounds kinda dumb as I'm writing it down.

I want people to see the good in me and I want to see the good in other people.

God, help me.

I'm not sure that there was any good in what I saw those girls doing and I still really believe they needed a good whoopin', but I want to believe the best.

It all stems from  history with people in general.

I don't want my history to determine my future.

And, who am I to decide who needs grace and who doesn't? I think I need it the most.

 Because I have received your grace, you transform me to also be able to have grace for others. Your grace is the theme of my heart and the melody of my life. Psalm 119:53-54
I want that. I want grace to be the melody of my life, not my own pride or sense of justice, even if I feel the justice is merited.


sara said...

oh I can so relate to this. Though I was never a teacher, I certainly have a "teacher-mode" too. And in God's sense of humor, he has me working with children in church! :) And is lovingly teaching me that verse and how to live it.

REALLY-Kraig said...

The self-centered, self-absorbed, self-confused and self-paranoid person in me is now wondering..."I hope those girls weren't mocking ME!"

The Hat Chick said...

I looked up that verse in my King James version (brought up Southern Baptist) and my version is soooo different:

"Horror hath taken hold upon me because of the wicked that forsake thy law. Thy statues have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage."

It takes a were right to want to snatch those girls up. Their parents would have probably appreciated it.

Discipline is grace. God disciplines us as his children - that is why we are called to discipline our own children. Go teacher go!

Mama Belle said...

No, Kraig ... It was in youth. No worries. I wouldn't care if they were mocking me. I'd just worship harder.

4 Blessings said...

I have found myself where you were many times. I get so frustrated with behaviors.

Thank you for always sharing your heart. I love reading your blog in my blog reader.

Kari said...

Umm, God will chasten those whom He loves, and then bring about restoration. I think some of that would be completely in order.