Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day ... 1977-1982

Those were the good years.

The years where I delighted in addressing my special little Valentine's cards for my class. I remember taking great care in signing them and deciding on which love-phrase would be appropriate for which classmate. This was quite an important decision in those days.
Designing the Valentine's Day card mailboxes and holders was equally important.

Doilies were a must in all decorating. I learned quickly that glitter is a girl's best friend and made my creation stand out from all the others.

The school day seemed to crawl by on this extra-special day. I couldn't wait until 2:00 when the passing-out of these treats would occur.
When I finally got my bag of cards and candy home, that's when the real fun began. Reading each card carefully (because I'm sure each kid put as much effort into their cards as I did in mine) and nibbling on chocolate hearts while watching Scooby Doo was the very best part of the day.

And, my mom, with her propensity toward going over the top each holiday, would not fail here. She always made these days great with special treats and Valentine's Day baskets. Sweet.

When I reached my teen years and had boyfriends, the days did seem even more important. But, honestly, I can't remember one thing about any of those days. Figures. Even though, everything in my life at that time was a HUGE deal and life-altering.

After Beau and I married, most Valentine's Days were filled with the typical dinner dates, cards, and chocolate. Nothing really eventful, but nice. We save the more significant outings for our anniversaries. I mean, do we really need TWO holidays to celebrate our love? Isn't each day we're together a celebration? (barf)

After we had children, the fun of Valentine's Day returned.

This morning we will be making special pancakes and giving out our own Valentine's Day baskets and cards.

Beau and I will head over to work out to combat our late breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe'. Then, some shopping for furniture and maybe tile. Exciting, I know.

But, really, I'm happy with that and thankful that I am loved.

Wishing you much love on this Valentine's Day!


sara said...

happy valentine's Day to you too!!!

once we had kids, my husband gives the valentine to my daughter and I give to my sons....which is harder once they are gone to college....because you have to remember to MAIL them!!

Tammy said... just brought me waaaaay back. That card with the puppy dog... it made my heart smile when I saw it. :) Romance is what you make it...go pick that tile out with your man girl. LOL Hope your Valentine's Day is filled with love and laughter! Because I KNOW you put love in each blog post you write. :)

The Hat Chick said...

I love those old valentines. I'm "scent-i-mental" about you Belle! Happy Valentine's Day!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

There is something so special about vintage valentines. That first one...I'm sure I've had that one before...bells are going off in my head. So sweet.

Oh, but I must tell you: your parenthetical use of (barf) made me laugh right out loud.

MD Life said...

I love those old valentines..
Such A Nice Greetings..