Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Sad State of Affairs

1. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that I would be representing "the religious community." 

But, I am. 

I know ... shocking.

This is my idea of the religious community.

I'm now sitting on the board for a local non-profit organization helping women in our community (an amazing place). When the director spoke with me about the position a few months ago, she expressed the need for someone to be the voice of "the religious community."

In my mind, I laughed out loud.

"The religious community" ... not sure said community would be so thrilled knowing I was their representative.  And, I don't really want everyone looking to me as an example of "religious." I try my hardest to be the opposite and to just love Jesus with not only my heart, but my life.

2. Cheat Day on this diet has become Binge Day for me. 

I'm starting to love binges. I may need an intervention myself when this is over.

It's a little insane. Not sure what I'll do when this is over.

Sunday I ate: approximately 8 cookies, 4 cream puffs, chips & salsa, cheese cubes, 4 sandwich spirals, a burger, fries, handful of jelly beans, half a box of Sour Patch Kids, half a pint of Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch ice cream, a bowl of Cap'n Crunch, 2 large Cokes.

Told you. Ridiculous.

However, in 3 weeks, I've lost 8 pounds. (Cheat Days included - last week I ate half a pizza & still lost)

The last day of the diet is Saturday. Think I'll just go back to eating right and cheating a little here and there.

3. Roxy Belle has acquired a diva attitude.

She did something she's never done to me before. I attempted to move her out of the chair I had been sitting in and she gave me a small growl, like she owned the chair and couldn't be bothered by me.

Uh ... no way, sister! I gave her a good talking-to.

4. There are people at my gym that do not wear deodorant.

For real.

The kicker is they always seem to jump on the treadmill next to me.

Seriously, I have to breathe to run and am taking in quite a bit of air. This is simply unacceptable.

What would possess someone to not wear deodorant?

I get the whole organic, natural thing. But, this is too much. 

It's just downright offensive.

That's a pretty good sum-up of the past few weeks.


The Hat Chick said...

If I lived in your community, I would pick you to be my "Jesus Rep".

No deodorant?! Odor control should be a part of the gym membership contract. You'd think people would be horrified to be stinky!

Cathy said...

Yuck on the last one! Why would they do that?!?

Alli said...

8 pounds? What are you doing?