Thursday, January 13, 2011

So ... there's this guy.

He takes some amazing pictures. A. MAZE. ING.

Look at what he did.

That's me.

Super cool, huh?

He's quite talented, yet thinks he's just OK. Whatever.

Here's a couple of my favorites of his.

And, ladies ... if you are over 22 and under 30, he's single. Only intelligent, beautiful, Christian girls may apply. You can email me if interested. (He's going to kill me, but it's his birthday today and a potential girlfriend would be a  great gift.)

His name ... Chris Deville. 
More pics on his web page. Or click his little button on the right sidebar there.

There are a lot of good photographers out there. There really are. I'm just blessed to call a few of them my friends. Remember the equally amazing Ana?

Yeah, this is her. Simply stunning. Chris took this of her. She's beautiful so it was an easy shoot.

She made me look like a supermodel ... (ahem) ... of a certain age ... with two kids ... and quite average-looking. But, she did awesome for what she had to work with.

I mean ... look at these. 

And ... my favorite!

 And ... she's single too. So let's say handsome, smart, Christian men may only apply. (Sorry, Ana ... not many of those read my blog, but I did try.)

I know what you're gonna say, but they're just friends. At least I think so.

If you're local and need some photos done, you can contact them through their sites.


Rachelle said...

You look beautiful!

Brittany Hayhurst said...

Yay you go to americas! :) Best coffee house in lafayette. Floyd is the man!

Tammy said...

GREAT photos!!

thedomesticfringe said...

Awesome pictures! I need to get a good shot of myself, before I get too old. I want one good picture to show everybody when I'm in the nursing home. You know?


Sera said...

GORGEOUS!!!! You look amazing! WOW!

Does he travel?

Daiquiri said...

LOVE the pic of you in the red...feels like an angle of you we've never seen here - beautiful!

Laura Reaux said...

I'm a (new) friend of Chris' and fellow photographer... and YES, he does great work! And you are gorgeous! :)

Great work by Ana, too!

Amy Bennett said...

Oh my! The pictures of you are just gorgeous! I love the one with the computer!

Alli said...

I LOVE the picture of you with the red jacket and boots. Sophistication and Spunk all rolled into one :-).

Dionna said...

Wonderful pictures. I especially love the little boy by the wagon wheel. :)

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I was coming to the comment form to say the same thing as Alli. Love the red boots and slicker. Super adorable. You are such a beautiful lady!

Sara said...

You know what I love about blogging? Seeing all the amazing PICTURES!!!!
I mean really, WHO KNEW there were so many beautiful , amazingly talented people with cameras?!
I love the red jacket and boots! So CUTE! and you at the Computer. Do ya'll REALLY have trees like that? (in the photo of the family walking on the train track.) I mean that looks like a MOVIE set from where I'm sitting. (here in MN with a gazillon inches of snow and not a thing green in sight.)

4 Blessings said...

I love the photos. You are gorgeous!

I know someone for Ana. If you are serious, email me. He is originally from New Orleans :)

Mama Belle said...

Sera ... yes, he does travel. And, you're pretty close.

4 Blessings ... I'll check with Ana.

jennifer said...

The picture of you in the red coat is AMAZING! They are both very talented.

H-Mama said...

Super cute! :)