Friday, January 7, 2011

Mean Girls

What is it with girls?

They can be so mean and make you feel like you're worth nothing.

I think every woman has experienced this at some time in her life, either in middle or high school.

Mean girls make themselves feel superior by making other girls feel inferior.

It's such a shame.

I'm starting to see this type of activity in my own girls' lives and I hate it for them.

I see that they've become more defensive in the past couple of years, especially K Belle. The older they get, the worse it gets.

As a mama, I just want to walk on over to some of those girls and give them a piece of my mind. But, of course, I don't. Because it's not my battle to fight. This is their time to stand up for what's right and my time to pray that they do. And, no, they don't always.

Girls hurting other girls is not cool.

There have been tears in my house lately ... real tears and real hurt. You know the kind where your heart breaks for your children. Uck ... hate it.

I long for the day when girls lift each other up and have one another's backs ... when girls truly act like sisters that always defend and protect one another ... especially in the middle and high school years. Girls are going through enough at that time anyway. To have to worry about friendships and bullying is just too much.

My advice to them is always to dump those girls ... kick 'em to the curb. "You don't need them in your life. You can be kind and not be someone's friend. It's possible."

To me, it sounds simple. But, to my girls, that seems ridiculous. How could they ever do such a thing?

Loved this step-by-step video of how to neutralize mean girls. And the fact that the mean girl looks like a monster.
I continue to pray that they would be strong, independent women of God, always standing up for righteousness and truth. I pray that they will not be followers or allow anyone to make them feel less than who God has created them to be.

Maybe boys are easier.


Michelle said...

I feel like even as a an almost 30-year-old adult I needed to see that video! Unfortunately the taunting doesn't end when you're older. But you're right - better to learn how to live confidently in who God made you to be while in high school so you can take this into your adulthood. Great post!

sara said...

It's a bit easier with boys in that arena. having had both, my daughter when through worse bullying than my boys. Boys tend to get mad, duke it out and walk away friends. But there is still the need to be accepted in boys just like girls. Such a tough stage in life and I tried to help my kids find their worth in Christ and not friends.

Alli said...

There's just other problems you have to deal with when you have boys :-).
My daughter starts middle school next year and I'm scared to be honest - I remember the meanness and I don't want her to have to go through all that. She's so strong, confident, and self-assured. I pray everyday that she'll be able to remain that way and remember that she's a daughter of God :-).

Queen B said...

I have been so surprised at how my confident little girl became putty in the hands of the mean girls. It has really been hard to watch and even harder to figure out how to parent.

My advice is much like yours. But it doesn't seem to work. Praying constantly for our girls to see themselves as God sees them!

12-arrows said...

unfortunately mean girls grow up into mean women unless of course they allow God to change their lives! its painful to experience and baffling to try and figure out how to handle them; prayer and God's armor is all we have to keep them at bay.