Thursday, January 20, 2011

I was pleasantly surprised.

I had my doubts. 

Real. Big. Doubts.

How could anyone replace Simon Cowell?

Not possible.

Kara and Paula were definitely easier to see go.

But, not Simon. 

However, I quite enjoyed American Idol last night.

I actually really liked both Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

I found they both offered constructive criticism and were a lot kinder than the others. Of course, I know this is new to them and, with time, the meaner they will get.

They were also extremely coherent, which was surprising. Obviously, my expectations were low of what they could bring to the table. 

Now, I am excited about the season.

Yay, Idol! Good job!

Honestly, it really does just come down to the voice (most of the time), not the judges.

What'd you think, Idol watchers?

My favorite vocalists of the night: 
Melinda, the girl whose parents were war refugees from Kosovo
Her voice was like buttah, except sweeter.

Devyn, the singing waitress in Times Square. Wow!

And, loved, loved, loved Travis from the Bronx.

Really great talent last night.


sara said...

I missed it last night, but got it on DVR. Now I am looking forward to watching it!!

Jen said...

I agree! I didn't even watch last season b/c I was so sick of the negativity. While I often agreed with Simon's opinion, he was so full of himself. . .and Paula/Ellen/Cara were just annoying. I'm a huge Aerosmith fan so that was fun to see Steven Tyler. J-Lo is not my fave but she actually seemed kinda sweet.

For our family, the funnest part of AI is watching the first auditions and trying to guess who will be on the live shows. Last night, I felt like we were able to do that. Over 75% of the singers they showcased were pretty good.

I like your pics and would add the spazzy girl who loved Brittney Spears and Robbie Something or Other~the teenager who was in a wheelchair as a kid.

Autumn said...

We were on the same thought train today...
LOVED the show last night, and I also had my doubts!

The Hat Chick said...

Shoot! I missed it! I have been looking forward to seeing Steven Tyler. Wonder if I can watch it online?

Alli said...

I was just laughing out loud watching Beau's video from yesterday - tee,hee :-)

Chantelle said...

Was just about to write pretty much the same post. :) Pleasantly surprised as well. Liked the singing waitress and the crazy wild girl who should be on broadway - can't think of her name. Didn't "love" anybody yet though...

Sara said...

Kara drove me crazy, and as much as Simon said what we were all thinking, I still didn't like his mean-ness.
I too was surprised by the judges. I liked them. I liked that last night was more about the SINGERS then the stinkers. I WANT to start rooting for some. I wonder what or how Hollywood week will be different...
Yes, your faves were mine too. I cried a lot watching the show. I'm so sappy. I look forward to your reviews as the season goes on.

Tammy said...

The young guy who sang "yesterday" won my heart as soon as his mouth opened! I loved the singing waitress...awesome awesome! Looking forward to watching New Orleans episode tonight. My daughter and I went for her to audition...they turned her down flat...their loss! Her judges had hearing issues. I'm not bitter at all.

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Oh darn it. I didn't watch because I thought I was done with it. Now I wish I would have. :)

You convinced me. Next week for sure.