Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

I'll be able to conduct my own interventions by the end of the year. I'm sure of it.

The show simply amazes me. There are some hurting people in this world.

In the words of Steve Green, "People need the Lord." If you weren't convinced of this before, just watch the show.

Beau was upset because my show kicked out the recording of his precious O'Reilly, which comes on again at 10:00, mind you. Imagine how much horrible for me this would have been if it had been 13 episodes of that. Eesh. There's only so much one person can handle.


Tammy said...

Funny stuff...I think you both need your own sitcom that way we viewers at home can record yah about 15 times. LOL

sara said...

I have never watched that show...but now I will have to check it out!!

and Beau...so funny!

Jen said...

I'm addicted to "Invtervention" too . . . yeah, bad pun intended.

What always strikes me with each episodes is the old saying "But for the grace of God go I." Some of the awful life events that have driven people to substance abuse just breaks your heart.