Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beans, beans ...

You know the rest.

That's what my diet has consisted of the last two days.

I'm reading the new book by Tim Ferris, "The 4-Hour Body."
(Reader warning: I do not endorse or approve everything in this book and there are some pretty graphic pictures. So, please don't buy it thinking I'm recommending it.)

I mainly purchased this for the one chapter entitled "Lose 20 lbs. in 30 days." Um ... OK. That sold me, even though there are questionable parts to the book.

It's basically a low-carb diet with a twist.

On the diet: Meat, vegetables, beans ... and when I say "beans," I mean beans at EVERY meal.

Let's just face it ... this can be a scary thing.

Beau and I are each on it, so doubly scary.

I've taken precautionary measures and bought a 100-count bottle of Beano, which I'll need to now carry around in my purse since I've discovered you have to eat it before any food you might eat that would cause gas. Nice addition next to the lip gloss.

We were supposed to weigh ourselves the first day, but to our dismay, our scale was a little off, as in measuring my weight at 91 lbs. Not even close. 

Beau brought a new scale home last night and I weighed myself, regardless of the fact you should never weigh yourself after you've eaten dinner and fully-clothed. Get this? I was almost five lbs. lighter than the last time I had weighed myself months ago.

Mind you, this is in the evening. I can't wait until morning to try again.

Did I lose that much in two days?

That would be crazy.

But, wait, here's the BEST part of the 30-day diet. You get one cheat/binge day a week. One whole day to eat whatever you want, as much as you want. Yes, it's true.

I am already planning things I will eat on Saturday or Sunday (hadn't decided on the exact cheat day yet). King cake and extra bread will be consumed.

I'll keep you updated on this process.


Penny said...

If I had a scale that said I was 91 lbs, I might have to keep it, lol!!

sara said...

If I had a scale that said I was 91 lbs, I would keep it and quit dieting!!!! :)

with all the boys in my house....this would be a very bad diet!! :)

Dana Dawn Calverette said...

I want in on this diet~ IF it works. Anything that you actually see results AND you get a cheat day... sign me up!

Alli said...

I love your dieting and exercise escapades :-). I'm been trying to lose the last 10 pounds for the last 4 years - nothin's happening...