Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year in Posts

This has truly been a great year. 

In looking back at my old posts, I see that there were moments where I was on top of the world and moments where I was down in the dumps. So is life. 

But, the plain and simple fact is I am a blessed woman.

I am thankful for everything I have and do not want to take if for granted.

This is my best recap of 2010. 
It was great going through all my posts and seeing where God's brought my family and me in only one year. Thank you, Lord!


Favorite story: Ironic

Favorite Recipe: I have a problem. 

Favorite post: Filthy Rags

Favorite Observation: It's a Rite of Passage.

(Recipe for Make-Ahead Crepes with Mixed Berry & Cream Filling and Topping)



Favorite Things that Happened: A Smashing Weekend!I Just Love This Girl.My Stone


The Post Where I Almost Kissed Blogging Good-bye: Seriously Reconsidering

(Recipe - Copycat of P.F. Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps)


The Life-Changing Post: Don't say you're not called to go.

Le Petite Belle is good blogging material: Cliptomaniac, I saw her change in an instant.


Favorite Recipe: Summer on a Plate
(Recipe for Caprese Salad)


Favorite Post: I Ponder Things

Favorite Thing That Happened: He's a good dad.

Favorite Recipe: Success
(Recipe for Shrimp Portofino)


Favorite Post: Outside of the Box


Favorite Post: My Point Exactly

Favorite Things that Happened: Rocktober


(Recipe for Egg Nog Creme Brulee)


Happy New Year to you and yours! May 2011 be yours and my best year ever!

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Carolyn said...

I think this is the best blog yet! Looking back and reflecting on the good. I think I will do a little reflecting myself. Thanks for sharing Daphnne. Beautiful pics of your family. :)