Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This was definitely a stretch.

This past weekend was extremely hectic, which was the contributing factor in my not blogging yesterday and that there were no clean towels in the house (drying off with a hand towel = not easy).

Our annual Christmas production happened six times over the weekend. Add rehearsals into that and you have not an ounce of time.

In fact, as I laid in bed night before last, I told Beau that I would be asleep in less than five minutes. I immediately started dreaming of what else? Frantically searching for my microphone to get out on stage to sing my song. I awoke in a panic and started giggling. Then, sighed with relief that it was over.

We had over 4200 in attendance over those six services. It was truly awesome!

This year's theme was "Christmas Around the World."

The stretch I mentioned in the title was that I sang the song in the Asian scene. Asian I am far from. Even make-up couldn't help that much. But, it sure was fun!

La Petite Belle had a dance part in the children's song, where she played an Indian. That was not a stretch for my little brown-eyed, dark-skinned child. She was great!

Here I am with my other Asian friends. Notice there is one to the right that does actually qualify for this part. She helped with my make-up. Thanks, Ashley!

Beau played a guitarron (Mexican acoustic bass) for the first time and sang in Spanish. That was quite interesting and entertaining.

The entire production should be up on the web by the end of the week if you'd care to take a gander. Just go to www.mycrossroads.org.


Rachelle said...

Sounds like it was a great production. You girls look great!

Jeff Ables said...

You all were fabulous as always! Thanks for everything!

Jeff Ables said...

You all were fabulous as always! Thanks for everything!