Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Sweet Tooth

Yes, I have been working out faithfully since Saturday.

That's three ... count 'em ... THREE WHOLE DAYS!

Counting the workout that will happen today, I'm headed to my five-day a week goal.

All this right before the multiple Christmas celebrations all filled with loads of foods, especially cakes, cookies, candy, etc.

People, it's just not logical or reasonable to think that I am not going to be eating any of this. Let's be real.

Heck, I'm even baking some of the goodies myself.

In searching for cookie recipes, I came across these delights. Some I would attempt. Others ... not at all. I mean, my skills are limited in the decorating category. But, man, do they look incredible!

Check them out and the links if you dare to try them.

I subscribe to Bakerella. Her stuff is simply amazing. But, this latest cake pop slays me. I'm not even sure the recipe's available. Just check out her site. You will not be disappointed.

We bake sugar cookies every Christmas Eve, but the never turn out like this. And, I've tried. Oh, how I've tried. These look so dainty, yet we all know they're packed with butter. Oh, well. C'est la vie!
Recipe here.

These next three recipes come from Epicurious. What a great site.

I don't even want to think about how these would turn into one big red blob of icing. There are ginger snaps under this icing. Um ... awesome.

Wait ... what? Yes, these are called Stained-Glass Ornaments. But, you eat them. I think I was giddy when I saw them.

Chocolate + Peppermint = Pure Joy. 

Holy Moly, Martha. I'm impressed. You can make this for me and I won't be mad. This is a cake, people. Yes, a cake.

OK, Paula ... You definitely got this one right.

I couldn't finish a post about delectable treats without throwing in a few things from my favorite place to find recipes, Southern Living. You just can't go wrong when cooking anything from this publication. And, let's face it ... Southerners know how to cook.

Holla ... Red Velvet Brownies
(No explanation needed.) 
There are multiple red velvet recipes I could add here. What a perfect flavor for Christmas time.

If you're a chocolate lover, look no further. 

This one I may have to try, but am quite uncertain that they will turn out this good. But, you all know I like a challenge. I'm undecided.

Be sure to also check out the queen of bloggers, Pioneer Woman, another place I head first for new recipes. She's always bound to have something you'll want to try.

And, lastly, my friend, Christy at Southern Plate has some good 'ol recipes that fill homes across the South. Her food is what we'd come to expect at Grandma's house when we visit. Pure comfort food and treats. She also has a new cookbook. I saw it at Sam's the other day. It's on my Christmas list.

I will be baking in the next few days ... Christmas Eve at my house, Christmas Day at the family's house, and more after-Christmas Christmas celebrations.

If I fancy any of the recipes I try, you know I'll be sure to let you know.

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Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Working out Christmas week? You're an inspiration to me! I'm inspired!

I start next Monday.

Those treats look exceptionally sinful. Wait, that has a negative connotation...they are exceptionally heavenly.

:-)Merry Christmas, sweet Belle!