Friday, December 17, 2010

I know you're disappointed in us.

I have no wonderfully romantic story to tell you about our anniversary yesterday.

The day basically went like this:

Pick up kids.
Run errands.
Wrap presents.
Watch TV.
Go to bed.

Wildly romantic, huh?

However, tonight the celebration begins.

What will we do?

Not totally sure.

Dinner for sure.

After that, anything goes, because we live in a booming metropolis where our choices include going to a movie or sitting at a coffeehouse (I can sit and drink coffee with Beau for free at my house).

To think, last year, we were in New York City, livin' it up!

Oh, how I miss you, Dean & Deluca. Now, that's a coffeehouse I could sit at every day.

I hear Alicia Keys in my head right now ... "In New Yooorrrkkk, concrete jungle where dreams are made of ... " 

I'm ready to go back.


thedomesticfringe said...

Happy Anniversary!

BaronessBlack said...

I don't suppose I could tempt you over the pond to Oxford? It would be so educational for the girls.......

Marlene Quebedeaux said...

Why in the world would we be disappointed with yall! You are an amazing woman of God and have such a beautiful family! Hugs