Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Sadness

Another Christmas has come and gone.

There are a few things that made me sad about this particular Christmas.

The first ... that Christmas is a lot less magical for the girls than it used to be, especially the youngest. This was the note she left for "Santa." And, I could get into the whole debate over whether or not a parent should do the whole Santa thing or not, but I won't. We did it and I believe we did it the right way. 

This is the note La Petite Belle left for "Santa" with his cookies and milk.

See? Just a little less magical.

The second ... I really missed my grandmother this year. She's been gone for about eight years, but I seem to miss her more around these times of the year. For me, Christmas has and will never been the same without her. I miss her terribly. I just keep trying to reflect on the great memories I have of all the times I spent at her house and how much she loved me.

The third ... that we put so much emphasis on celebrating Jesus' birth during this time of year, and then quickly forget it December 26th. I truly think we take the gift given to us for granted when we don't continually reflect upon it daily. I know we can never express how thankful we are for such a gift, such a sacrifice. But, I don't want to ever forget and limit my gratitude to once a year. 

God, may I daily stand in awe at what you've given me.


Caryn said...

It's always a bitter sweet time for me as well. I keep back the tears for the sake of Hannah, but I can't help but be sad when I think about my sister and all the things Hannah will experience and Tam won't be there to do it with her.

Alli said...

This was our first Christmas with non-believers as well :-). It was a little, alright, a lot sad...

My son pretended to still believe for two years for his mama's sake - sweet, huh?

My sassy daughter - hmmmm...not so much :-)

Cathy said...

"God, may I daily stand in awe at what you've given me." Amen to that!

Kim Chandler said...

Yes...this Christmas was bittersweet for us too...Despite all the hardships that we have experienced this year, we were still thankful for Jesus' birth and sang Happy Birthday before opening presents. Friends and family are always there to lift you up in prayer and in person...I love my Jesus, family and friends!!