Monday, November 1, 2010

The weekend was wicked cool!

Ok, that was a horrible title, but just go with it. I was going for the whole reference-to-Halloween- without-sounding-like-we-actually-celebrate-it feel, which reminds me of this post I read yesterday about Christian bloggers posting about Halloween ... totally cracked me up.

The most cool part about this weekend was the fact that K Belle got to help lead worship Friday night at our church's youth fellowship group.

So. Cool.

She, of course, being a typical thirteen-year-old didn't and doesn't ever want her daddy or me to hear her play piano, much less sing. I'm hoping she gets over this soon by realizing that we are her number one fans.

This was part of a text Beau sent out as the band was rehearsing. That's K Belle on keys and lead vocal. (Yes, Beau says her real name because in real life we don't refer to each other as our fake blogging names. I know ... shocking.)

Again, so proud. So cool.

Also, this weekend the girls dressed up for our church's annual Jamboree.

May I present Alice in Wonderland (or as La Petite Belle used to call her, Allyson Wonderland), The Mad Hatter, and The White Rabbit.

They got loaded down with a ton of candy that I am frantically attempting to get out of the house by eating. Seriously, this candy has got to go. It's way too much of a temptation for all of us in this house. 

The Belles + Beau + Candy = Happiness + Guilt + Weight Gain

We spent the rest of the Halloween evening hiding from trick-or-treaters by sitting quietly in the dark, gorging on candy. Good times.

La Petite Belle asked us this for the first time the night before Halloween: "Can we do something we've never done before?"

Beau and Me: "What?"

La Petite Belle: "Go trick-or-treating. Because most Christians trick-or-treat." (Uh ... huh?)

We then explained why we don't, especially the fact that she might see something that would scare her and we want to protect her from that.

(After our explanation) La Petite Belle: "Yeah, I guess you're right."

Do you know this same child had a nightmare that very night and had a horrible time trying to go back to sleep? Geez.

What do you think about Halloween celebrations, whether they're called "Halloween" or "Fall Festivals?" And, where do you draw the lines? Or is it not a big deal to you?

This should be interesting.


Louisiana Tara said...

Our church is very anti-Halloween and doesn't do any kind of "replacement" celebrations either. But I like to give Princess the opportunity to dress up and get candy, so we go to our friends' church for their fall fest. While I personally do not have a problem with others trick-or-treating, we don't do it for the exact same reason: I do not want anyone to scare my little girl. Case in point: last year we thought it would be fun to take Princess and my nephew (who were 3 and 2, respectively) up and down my sister-in-law's very quiet, very elderly-person-filled street. We were two houses away from getting back to my sister-in-law's house when someone opened the door and they had fake blood all over them. Thankfully they didn't do a very good job of being scary and our kids were too little to realize what it was, but I decided then and there no more trick or treating. There's enough scare in this world without bringing it right to my daughter's face.

Patrice said...

What a beautiful voice and one proud daddy!!

thedomesticfringe said...

What a loaded question...

First, your girls looked ADORABLE! Can you come do my costumes for next year? Seriously.

So we trick-or-treat. Ya. It's the nasty, wicked, liberal truth. We just have fun with day. I don't allow my children to morph into devils or witches, but just about anything else goes. Honestly, I see no difference between a Harvest party at a church where the kids dress-up or trick-or-treating. Just my opinion.

So, in our family, we try and make it a super fun night. After trick-or-treating, we usually have neighbors over for some food and fun. That's it.


Momma Morgan said...

We have a day where we play baseball, roast weenies & marshmallows (caramel vanilla & strawberry this year), and a hayride! Very fun stuff. We do this day of fun because we don't want our youth to feel left out or tempted to go out and partake in a celebration that we don't do. Instead we have a day with our church family.

K Belle's singing is beautiful! I could feel the anointing!!

Momma Morgan said...

oh and we don't dress up.. just in coats and scarfs and hats because a hayride is COOOOLLLLDDD Ya'll!