Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Double Standard in Action ... Twice!

You all know how much I love Beau. He's the peanut butter to my jelly, the spring in my step. Gosh, I love that guy. Now that you know that, let's get down to business.

We headed out to spend the day in New Orleans yesterday. Both the girls had actually never been there even though we live only a couple of hours away. We never really had the desire to take them, especially when they were younger. Then, Katrina happened. 

Now, as they get older, I feel more comfortable taking them. Still not sure I would want to walk the streets with them at night.

But, I'm getting off-track here ... 

We headed out early, after stopping for gas and picking up some much-required Starbuck's.

I had a headache. Woke up with the headache, but left without taking anything for it.

I mentioned that to Beau.

Let me explain a little something about traveling anywhere with Beau. He does not like to stop for anything. He's the Hitler of not-stopping, forcing you to go to the bathroom, and threatening you within an inch of your life if you do ask to go.

When I mentioned I had a headache, his first words to me were, "We're not stopping."

So, basically ... deal with it, which I was fine with. I figured the coffee would do the trick.

A couple of miles from the interstate, Beau has a tiny incident with his eggnog latte. And, by "tiny incident," I mean he haphazardly spilled it on his shirt ... the white part of his shirt, creating the sloppiest, ugliest-looking stain ever. I giggled. OK, I laughed hysterically and then told him at least he wasn't the one who had to walk around with the guy with a huge coffee stain in the middle of his shirt all day long.

Do you know what he had the nerve to do?


He stopped at the nearest gas station to try to get the stain out in the bathroom.

I, of course, was dumbfounded that he would stop for a coffee stain on his shirt, but not for my pounding head. I shared this thought with him and explained that he is the king of the double standard. Always.

He agreed.

The stain did not come out. He was determined to buy a shirt when we got to New Orleans. This was a pretty bad stain. No joke. 

Halfway to Baton Rouge, I found a Shout wipe in the glove compartment. Thank God!

We were now on our way.

First stop: Cafe' du Monde for beignets & more coffee
(Not sure why I'm pastey white. La Petite Belle, the lover of all doughnuts, doesn't like beignets. Where's the logic in that?)

Double standard #2 happened at Cafe' du Monde, where Beau dropped his iPhone 4 on the nasty, wet New Orleans concrete. There was no reaction. It was cool.

However, when I seem to drop my phone, I seem to hear a sigh and get the glare of death.

I, again, called it to his attention.

He agreed again.

Um ... does anyone else see a problem here?

Yeah, I thought so.

But, despite his double standardness, He's still the love of my life. His double standards actually make me laugh because of how blatant and ridiculous they are. And, the fact that he recognizes them is endearing.

The rest of the day ...

 We went to the Aquarium and the Insectarium.

Yes, everyone but me ate the chocolate-covered crickets.

So, La Petite Belle wouldn't eat beignets, but ate crickets? Weird.

Um ... just delightful and a great way to end the day.

Now back to ripping up linoleum adhesive (which is of the devil), baking my Thanksgiving desserts, and getting out all the Christmas decorations ... Yay!


sara said...

oh this made me laugh!!!! my family would say that I am the queen of double standards!!!

Looks like ya'll had a great day...just a tidge jealous of the beignets!! my kids didn't like them either....crazy!

Alli said...

You're awesome - just plain awesome!!! We're going to have to hang out sometime! :-)

Kristy@ThatGoodPart said...

LOL This is hilarious! You all remind me of my husband and me. We joke about his double standards on occasion, too. He tells me, "But it's different...I'm the man!" LOL Our differences keep life interesting, for sure!

H-Mama said...

She loves doughnuts, but doesn't eat beignets? Crack me up. ;) We've yet to take our girlies there, too. Crazy.

BaronessBlack said...

I would SO love to visit New Orleans!
In fact, I'm pretty sure I prefer both doughnuts and beignets, to the chocolate covered crickets!
Hope you're all having a great Thanksgiving!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Chocolate covered crickets made me twitch. tch.