Thursday, October 28, 2010

We're not good for each other.

Men & women ... we're just not good for each other.

Not. At. All.

It's so weird how God created us to be so different, yet be so together,to be united as one.

Women & men are both evil in different ways. Really, they are.

(These thoughts are more of my crazy observations coming out due to that Beth Moore book. Did I tell you that you need to read it yet? People, you need to read it ("So Long Insecurity"). Yeah, I think I've said it at least 10 times.)

Women are evil in the fact that they like a good challenge and use their sexuality as power to get what they want. It's the truth.

This quote killed me: "Left to our basest nature, women love the power of making a strong man weak." This made me mad, but I did see the truth in it. Look at Samson and Delilah. Women always want the man they can't have. Geez.

So, then God creates men to be weak sexually. Hence, this constant battle ensues: Women using sex to have power over men; men being tempted by said women on a daily basis.

Women may not always act on their propensity toward sexual power, but it definitely plays a part in their mind. Let's just say women, at least one time in their lives, used their sexuality to get something they wanted. Like the time you shed a few tears or batted your eyelashes or mentioned your admiration for a man to possibly get out of a ticket, get a better grade, or get an extra day off. Sound familiar? Don't act so innocent.

I kinda feel sorry for the men. Really I do.

Do you see the complexity here?

Why would God make men weak in this manner, causing them to battle constantly? I'm sure some men battle this more than others, but I'm sure that ALL men have experience with this issue.

Why would God create women to find a lot of their security and identity in a man, causing them to pursue men, focusing on their weaknesses?

It's a paradox.

Women, we must use our power for good, and not evil.

What do you think?

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Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

I am reading this book and I am just blown away by the truth on every page. Honestly - it is kind of hard to read because of how convicting it is. But it is changing my life. It is so good.