Wednesday, October 6, 2010

That's a little bit personal.

I had my annual lady's exam yesterday.


And, I absolutely love my doctor now. She's a young little thing, who compliments me on my fashion style, and laughs with me about all the getting-older issues. I could totally hang out with her more than once a year (plus she has softer, gentler hands than my previous fifty-something-year-old male doctor ... just sayin').

But, just recently, the office instituted a whole new system, where everything is computerized. No papers. No notes. One wrong click of the mouse and you could be scheduled for a hysterectomy or plagued with an STD. Kinda scary. I think I like the hand-written charts better.

However, the scariest part to me was the detailed information I had to dish out with a stranger yesterday. And, I mean DETAILED ... due to the new system.

And, to boot, the nurse I had to spill all this information to was a substitute nurse.

How much information does your doctor really need to know about your (cough) (ahem) activity? Or what year you had your tonsils out when you were a child? And, the questions just got more personal.

I'm not sure how comfortable I am sharing my life story with a stranger. Too weird. But, of course, I did it. Again, weird.

I must say that the worst part of my visit was getting weighed. Even my closest friends don't know how much I weigh, but that nurse stranger sure does.

The horrifying result was that I need to lose 20 lbs. For real. I needed to lose 15 lbs. last year, but obviously didn't. Ugh.

I asked the doctor for a pill to speed up my metabolism. No dice.

Will the battle ever end?

I'll ponder that question as I sample my homemade cupcakes for tomorrow.


sara said...

oh girl, I hear ya!!!

Penny said...

I love how you say that the doctor is a "young little thing." Like you're old!! =)

Aspiemom said...

I went to the GYN yesterday, too! And my worst part was being weighed TOO! I have to lose 50 lbs! Do it while you're YOUNG, D, because it only gets harder when you're my age and have more to lose and worse health. I use to keep me accountable in exercise and what I eat.

Yep, they ask all kinds of questions...have you had more than 5 partners? HELLO!!!???

Aspiemom said...

BTW, my blog went private because my 16yr old has located his birthmother and has been spilling his guts about our names, address, etc. (I want her to have less info than the GYN.) I can't remember if you're on my bloglist, but if you want to be included just email me at debrahow at

Teresa Dawn said...

Sorry haven't been around as much, I work 6 days a week now which severly cuts into my blog reading time :) Glad you found a new doctor you like. The questions they ask really are a bit out there sometimes lol!