Thursday, September 16, 2010

Outside of the Box

That's what K Belle's teachers tend to say about her ... "She thinks outside of the box."

I had an interesting conversation with her teacher yesterday. I called, of course, to try and solve homework issues she's currently having and continues to have. Same issues we've been trying to solve since 4th grade ... the issue of actually getting the homework from the house to the teacher complete. It continues to be a struggle even in 8th grade.

You see, K Belle, is quite a smart little cookie. And, I don't say that just because I'm her mother and that's what mothers are supposed to say about their children. I say that in all sincerity and have had this thought confirmed through every one of her teachers.

She really doesn't struggle in any subjects. If she makes a bad grade, it's due to laziness, plain and simple. She gets pretty much everything.

So, as I'm ranting to the teacher about other consequences I can give to a child that already has too many consequences, she gives me a little more insight into this child of mine. You do know that a lot of the time the child that you know from home is not the same child at school, right? Having been a teacher myself, I am quite aware of this fact.

She proceeds to tell me that one of the reasons she loves having K Belle in her class is that she does "think outside the box" and brings new ideas and questions to a lot of discussions. She says she is not afraid to ask questions and express her thoughts.

This is a good thing. As long as the questions are legitimate ones that will lead her closer to the truth and not away.

The teacher starts to explain about a recent Bible lesson about Paul and Barnabus and how they were traveling and healing the sick. The people started to think that they were gods. Paul and Barnabus got so upset that the Bible says they ripped their clothes, mainly to show that they were human and it was only God that could heal.

To an 8th grade class, the idea of them ripping their clothes, of course, led to a lengthy discussion over why they would do that, and the possibility of them being the first streakers.

The teacher went on to explain the culture of that time and how the ripping of the clothes was something that was done to show great grief, sorrow, or pain. We do see it many times in Scripture.

After a few minutes, K Belle walked up to the teacher and said this, "You know how when Jesus was crucified the temple curtain or veil was ripped from top to bottom?"

Teacher: "Yes."

K Belle: "Do you think that has something to do with God's grief for His Son and for us?"


I've been thinking about that parallel ever since the teacher mentioned it to me. I've never even thought of it that way. But, oh my. Certainly God was grieved and filled with sorrow not only for His only Son, but for us in knowing what we would have to endure in this life.

It was like He tore His clothes. And grieved.

The teacher said that K Belle may not have all of her Bible homework, but she comes up with stuff like this.

Ugh ... if we could only get this homework thing down. I wonder if Einstein's mother struggled with homework issues too.

God's call on this kid's life is so blatant that she'd have to be blind not to see it.

She's definitely one great kid.


Jeff Ables said...

Wow! Could God ripping the veil of the temple have been His demonstration of grief? What an amazing thought! What an amazing young lady! You go K Belle!

phoebe said...

Wow, She is amazing. I have only experienced her a couple of times in Crossover, but you can see the spirit inside just wait unitl she is a little older and embraces her gift!

On the homework issue...I feel your pain! AJ is a Freshman this year and I am still sayig, "do you have any homework?", "let's check", "look through everything you got today". It is never ending. I always close my night with, "did you put everyting in its correct folder?". I pray for patience every day and I pray for his organizational skills and focus. Since he was in second grade I am constantly quetioned as to whether or not he is ADD, I always answer with love and a smile, "no, he is just unorganized!". What I want to say is "he is not responsible, lazy, and only cares about the things he is interested in, or what is going on now, and he has no desire to recall it later, unless of course it was interesting". I think that they are so aware of there abilities and smarts that they find humor in being lazy most of the time and blowing our mind every once in a while to keep us guessing! When you figure it out...pass it on!

Love ya!

Mama to da Drama said...

that is awesome! never thought of it that way!

Louisiana Tara said...

Wow, in all my years of being a Christian and the gazillion Bible studies I've done, I've never heard an interpretation like that. Super deep, especially for a 13 year old girl. She rocks!

Teresa Dawn said...

Our pastor explained it to us like that as well a few years ago. I hadn't associated the two before that. It's great she thinks like that :)

Tammy said...

WOW! That is brilliance!

And I think I'm mothering an Einstein if I could just get her to bring the right books home.....*sigh*

Rach@In His Hands said...

Umm, wow. I hadn't thought of it that way.

Keep up that "outside the box" thinking K-Belle!