Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Old "Coop"

La Petite Belles' birthday is drawing closer and closer.

As long as she was preschooler, she's wanted a horse.
She asks for it over and over again. And, I explain over and over again the impossibility of this ever happening. I explain the cost issue, not only for the horse, but for the upkeep. She still doesn't get it six years later. Not. At. All.

Her request for this year ... a horse.

I say, for the one millionth time, "We cannot get a horse. We can't afford it, don't have a place for it, and can't pay for it to stay at a stable. It's time to pick something else that's realistic."

La Petite Belle: "OK, a tiny, baby horse."

Me: "Still not realistic."

La Petite Belle continues to belabor the point.

I say, "If you want a horse, you're just going to have to marry a farmer."

La Petite Belle wrinkles up her face and says, "I'm not gonna marry some old coop."

Me: "It's coot."

La Petite Belle: "Coot. Coop. I'm not gonna marry one."


H-Mama said...

She's a quick one, that La Petite Belle... and a cutie. Our Gracie asks for a horse all. the. time. too. :)

phoebe said...

That is hillarious! Oh my goodness! I say you do what my grandfather did to my sister.... As long as I can remember he would tell my sister if she graduated high school and never made one bad grade he would by her a Porche. Well she graduated and had made only one C her entire school career (i think her C was in Algebra I she took as an 8th grader). For garduation he gave ther the cutest, most perfect, Porche...model car. It gave everyone a good laugh! Maybe by her a princess pony with a play barn...if nothing else she will laugh and play!

Rachelle said...

HA! Adorable. :)

BaronessBlack said...

What a sweetheart!
Is there a riding stable near you? We used to get dropped off by my mum at the stables, then we'd muck out the stables and clean tack for free rides (on the horses they needed to exercise). It was a really good education in how much looking after horses need. We could spend two hours shoveling horse dung for a 30 min ride. Certainly tested our dedication!

Jeff Ables said...

A. Is that me giving her a ride in the pic?
B. If not, you should let her come ride sometime.
C. If so, does that mean I'm an old Coop/Coot?

Mama Belle said...

Jeff ...

A. Yes, it is you. This was her 4th birthday party. You brought a horse out to the church and gave kids rides.
B. She'd love to.
C. Um ... definitely not the coop or coot.