Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Rainbows, but One Cute Puppy.

As promised in yesterday's grouchy post, I am posting about "puppies and rainbows," except for the rainbow part and the "puppies" part is just one puppy.

Roxy Belle got her short do yesterday morning. This pup is uncontrollable when she knows she's headed to the pet spa. Yes, spa, not groomer. There's a difference.

I try to keep her calm in the vehicle, but she whimpers and barks with that high-pitched, ear-piercing bark. Geez.

And, she's all over the place ... up looking out the window, laying in the seat on her back, pacing back and forth in the front seat.

She continues to do this until finally she flies to the floor because I've turned a curve or put on the brakes. This happens several times throughout our trip. She's a glutton for punishment. If only she'd just listen to her mama and sit still. Just another one that wants to buck me.


Cathy said...

She is so cute. And as for bucking you, it only gets worse. Trust me as a mother of a 16 & almost 19 year old! lol

Teresa Dawn said...

Aww She's so cute!

thedomesticfringe said...

She's adorable!