Monday, September 6, 2010

"Labor" Day Moments

A hodge-podge of moments, involving K Belle (20 hours of labor) and La Petite Belle (22 hours ... and they say the second one's easier ... they lie.):

K Belle-

Beau and I headed out to an Italian restaurant to eat. I had no idea I was in labor. Eating lasagna rolls was one of the worst decisions EVER. One of the most horrifying scenes of my life ... contractions, body shaking (due to shock), and vomiting all at the same time. Not pretty. To this day, I am not a huge pasta fan.

Beau, after hours of labor and me asking for some pain medication: "Remember what we said? ... that we would wait 15 minutes after you asked, to let the endorphins kick in?" Me: (stink eye)

Beau, after I'd finally got that epidural, which numbed only one side of my body: "You do realize you just peed on the nurse?" Me: "Like I care right now."

La Petite Belle-

Nurse, at 4:00 a.m., after about eight hours of pitocin and cervidil, which induces labor and contractions: "Oh, honey ... you're not even at half a centimeter." Me: Incessant crying.

Doctor comes in at noon after all the inducing and says there are two choices: a C-section or go home (already over 2 weeks late). Beau: "What's the cost difference?" Me: Incessant crying and stink eye to Beau again. (I went home, by the way, for another week as a beached whale.)

Original due date: Sept. 16th; Birthdate: October 6th ... how's that for miscalculation?

Me, after failed epidural: "Is there anything else you can give me for pain?" Nurse: "If we give you anything else, you will die." (I'm quite drug-tolerant.)

In 22 hours of labor, a six-hour epidural is a joke.

Me, after almost two hours of pushing and the whole baby's-head-not-turning issue (for the second time ... same with K Belle), I went a little bi-polar: "I can't push anymore. I can't push anymore. (tears) ... I have to push. I have to push."

Doctor comes in after that almost two hours: "Let's get that baby out of you." Within 10 minutes, La Petite Belle was born. TEN MINUTES ... you'd think he could have come in sooner.

After La Petite Belle is delivered and the doctor hears her cry (the loudest cry anyone's ever heard), he says: "You sure you don't want me to put her back?"

And, I'd do it all again.
(OK. It's officially time to get to scanning. This is the youngest picture I have of them on the computer. I only have a combined total of about 10 years to scan. Should only take ... um ... forever.)


Jeff Ables said...

I'm so glad I'm a guy! This is a funny post but the funniest part is Richard: "What's the cost difference?" That made me laugh out loud!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Ok so it took me the whole post to get why you were posting "labor" stories -- Labor Day. Duh. I'm a quick one :)

And by the way, thanks for the reminder of all the pain and suffering I'm about to go through :) Actually, the epidural worked quite well for me with Lily so let's hope it's the same this time around!

Rachelle said...

This was funny.

Also made me thankful for adoption. OUCH! :)

Chris Llewellyn said...

Too funny. A true labor of love

Big Daddy said...

This post was hilarious!! I thought the cost difference part was so funny! I guess it's a guy thing...

Big Daddy said...

This post was hilarious!! I thought the cost difference part was so funny! I guess it's a guy thing...

Louisiana Tara said...

Ooh, this made me hurt a little! :)

Teresa Dawn said...

Such an adorable photo!