Thursday, September 9, 2010

Does Disney turn good girls bad?

I've posted before about my disapproval of some of what television programming Disney puts on.

From glamourizing disrespecting teens, to loads of sorcery, to way too much lovey-dovey stuff for nine-year-olds and the like to be watching , there's a lot to disagree with.

Granted, Disney in general is pretty close to amazing in most of its endeavors. And, I do love a lot about Disney. Shoot ... if I could go to DisneyWorld tomorrow, I would.

But, when it comes to the content of a lot of their programming, I'm not always a fan.

What I'm most not a fan of is their music videos that are strategically placed throughout the day.

I'm trying to teach my girls about modesty and purity and the like, and then they see lots of booty-shaking, seductiveness, and lots of girls in the rain.

Rain. Lots of it.

What's up with the girls in the rain? Is that sexy and attractive?

All I know is when I get out of the shower, I tend to favor the likeness of a drowned rat. So, I guess I just don't get it. Come to think of it, I've never seen anyone look this good in the rain.

It is possible that mostly men are making these videos. (I am not on a men-hating kick this week. Promise. Two totally separate thoughts and posts. Promise.)

Look below. Don't you think this looks a little too old of a video for Selena Gomez? She's as cute as a button, but really, can't we just let her be a little more innocent? She's still a teenager, people. Stop forcing her to grow up so fast. And, enough with the rain.

She would have been just as cute in jeans and a t-shirt under an umbrella. (The song's a little melodramatic for me anyway. Being without you is like "A Year Without Rain"? OK, honey ... it's time to move on.)

Just last month, I had to bear watching Demi Lovato get soaked in her video, "Let the Rain Fall."

These, of course, are just a drop (no pun intended) in the bucket to most of the other videos that are turned out by Miley Cyrus. Even little Hilary Duff was ruined in her "Rain Fall Down" video.

And, should we even mention Lindsay Lohan?

So cute in her first Disney film, "The Parent Trap."

Yikes ... now after just several years of drug, alcohol, and plastic surgery addiction. Scary.

Um ... she's pretty much the poster child for child actors gone bad.

Looks like a pattern here.

Hey, Disney ... let the girls stay out of the rain, please.


phoebe said...

I could not agree with you more. I have three young ladies in my house and this is very frustrating. I feel like, before they even discover boys are cute, Disney is shoving the "prince charming" stuff down there throat. I don't mind "prince charming", I mean I have one. But, really not all men are "prince charming" and a girl doesn't need one until God says so. Can't we see young girls in college learning, playing sports, being in church, and singing in choir. I mean really, if we can make pre-teens fall in love with a boy, shouldn't it be equally as easy to help them fall in love with God. Trust me, a day without God is truly worse than a year without rain!

Thank you and AMEN!

I long ago realized the purity starts at the earliest of parenting. Never tell you three year old she is "a sexy lady" when she puts on lip gloss and borrows your shows. And when your four yr old son says a lady is pretty, Dads shouldn't say, "thats my boy". It starts way back.

I long for the days of chivalry and modesty.

Louisiana Tara said...

So true! Really good post.

Did the rain stuff start with Britney? I seem to remember somewhere seeing her sitting in a chair getting soaked and all the guys freaking out about it. Or it could have been Madonna. I'm getting old, and once the girls start acting trampy they all start running together.

Sara said...

I'm going to have to agree with you, but I do have a question: How much input do you think these girls get on what and how they look for the video? I'm just curious if you think it's all the "disney machine" or if it could possibly be some of the choices these girls are making and the fact that they have yes people around them. But I 100% agree, there is NO need to rush the teen years and pretend they are 20 something love lusted tough girls.

McElroy Family Happenings said...

No kidding. It's all too much.

And Lindsey Lohan? She is so very talented. She was adorable in The Parent Trap. Now she's just trapped in a big mess.

And the plastic surgeries? Well everyone needs to stop messing with their faces unless there is a medical reason! (Now boobs? Well, I do plan on having a reduction and a lift....but that's not what this post is about! ha)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I totally agree with you -- I don't know if it's Disney as much as it is just our culture in general but it seems like girls are getting older faster...I hate it, especially having a girl of my own.

Aspiemom said...

I agree wholeheartedly. I have a teenage son and sex is advertised everywhere. Commercials, TV...I've tried to teach him to turn his head when he see's something and he said he ought to just go through life blindfolded because it's everywhere.

I've fed up with the programs they have on - scorcery, sex, homosexual and transient stuff. Don't get me started!

BaronessBlack said...

I was watching this earlier

What is wrong with me that I find the whole "Raindrops" clip infinitely more sensual, fun, interesting, and enjoyable in every way than almost every music video I've seen this year? Maybe I'm just getting old!

Daiquiri said...

This post was interesting...until my 8 year old started looking over my shoulder...then it got downright funny!

"Is that Sonny from 'Sunny With a Chance'? What's she doing? She sure doesn't look very sunny!" ;-)

Then he saw the girl from "Parent Trap" and recognized her from that movie...then "whose that ugly old lady with the fat lips?"

It was a great opportunity to talk a minute about what happens when poor choices are made ;-)