Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Business and Beyond

Beau had to head to Houston for a business trip and I tagged along. Imagine my thrill at sitting for over hours, listening to guys talk about camera gear, and not understanding most of what they were saying because of their secret language of abbreviated numbers and letters. The three-hour drive to Houston was actually more enjoyable, especially when Beau and I settled a two-year argument over the lyrics of Michael Jackson's, "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough." Yeah, I won.

The best part of the short trip was not strolling the Galleria and gazing into the windows of the shops designed for only the elite. Seriously, can anyone afford some of that stuff? I mean, Jimmy Choo's are nice and all, but I can get a knock-off of the same shoe at one of the discount stores for $12.99, called Jamie Chow.

Or the CoCo Mademoiselle that was delivered to my table after dinner (an early birthday present from Beau). Although this was quite fabulous.

Or purchasing these unique "Jesus bandaids" for my girls, after questioning whether they were sacreligious or not ... but, then realized, "Jesus heals. And, He's our healer. Right?" What a great reminder! I love them. I'm pretty sure La Petite Belle will have five cuts tomorrow that need to be covered.

Or this fabulous latte I ordered for breakfast from a little French Bistro (along with a delicious ham and cheese croissant and a bite of a cherry danish). Loved it.

But, the best part was meeting this lovely lady. And, when I say "lovely," it's an understatement. She's simply stunning and fun to boot. She's absolutely one of my favorite bloggers. She's the Hat Chick. I can't wait to get back to Houston to spend more time with her.
Meeting blogging friends can be a little nerve racking, but this one was easy-peasy.


The Hat Chick said...

Come on back now, ya hear! Had so much fun yesterday. Next time, you will have to come out to Little Town....home of the outlets!

Cathy said...

I've never met a blogging friend yet, but I imagine I'd be thrilled and terribly nervous both! Glad you had a great time.

thedomesticfringe said...

Awesome you got to meet The Hat Chick! Must have been such fun.