Thursday, September 2, 2010

All titles I thought of for this post sounded too much like an old-school preacher's sermon on Hell and this post has no spiritual significance.

Well, I picked up a new fragrance while there.

Let me explain my logic here.

My signature fragrance and what I always have on hand is my wonderful CoCo Mademoiselle by Chanel. I love it. It's my favorite.

But, it costs over a hundred buckaroos.
And, frankly, I'm not willing to squander that fabulous fragrance on my everyday living. The CoCo is reserved for weekends and special occasions (not sure I can call it my "signature" fragrance if I limit it to these dates, but whatever). But, not work or home or errands.

To me, that's just foolish. It's a waste.

So, I typically buy a cheaper, less-good-smelling perfume for every day. I'm talkin' like no more than $50 a bottle. My last fragrance was Marc Jacobs Lola. Loved. But, wanted to see if I could find something in the forty-dollar range.

I did.

And, I really like it.

But, I'm kinda embarrassed to tell you what it is.

The fragrance is by Kat Von D ... you know ... the tattoo artist.

I do not watch LA Ink and really know nothing about her, except that she's a tattoo artist.

But, I must say, she is quite beautiful. I think she'd be even more beautiful if she took those tattoos off her arm. See? More beautiful without such blatant tattoos.
But, hey, that's just my opinion.

Anyway, I bought her perfume.

She has two.

One called "Saint." One called "Sinner."

Guess which one smelled better?


The "Sinner."

Of course.

The saint smelled like flowers and cotton to me. I don't want to smell like air freshener.

The "Sinner" smelled much better. There was a hint of spice ... patchouli, of course, which I've always liked.

So, I bought it and vowed to never tell anyone the name of it. Fail.

When I got home and opened the box, I saw this:

It's a big lighter-looking bottle covered in skulls.


A little overkill on the whole "sinner" theme.

I'm having to hide it from my children because I forbid them to have anything with skulls on them. When did skulls become fashionable? Especially for little girls' clothing and shoes? Come on, it's a skull. It's not cute even if you put a bow on it's head.

So, I'm spraying a ton of this "Sinner" all over me every morning to try to use it up quickly.

But, I am wondering ... why is the "sinner" the one that gets to smell good?

Can't "saints" have some spice too? Why's it gotta be flowers? Or worse, cotton?

Not all "saints" I know smell like flowers. Or cotton. Trust me.


Chantelle said...

This is so funny! HA!

H-Mama said...

Girl, you crack me up. :)

Kristy said...

I agree with you! About the tatoos and the skulls and that fact that it is just like the world to poke fun at Christians with a product. I can just imagine your reaction after seeing the container! lol Enjoy your new scent while you have it! :) That Good Part

McElroy Family Happenings said...


Okay....I'll take off the ALL CAPS now.

Sara said...

I agree totally! When did skulls become the "must have" for young girls. I groan every time I take Butter shopping. She's too big for 6x and it seems all the big girl stuff are things I absolutely refuse to buy. Shortie short shorts, skull and rocker/goth stuff and tops that should not be made for girls who don't even have breasts yet! I'm curious now to go smell her perfumes!

Alli said...

Seriously!!! YOU ARE HILARIOUS! I love that we think so much along the same lines!

Love ya!

Amy@My Front Porch said...! :) And since you confessed, I will let you in on a little secret -- my favorite perfume is "Fantasy" by Britney Spears. Whenever I wear it I hold my breath and hope nobody will ask me what it is because I'm too embarrassed to actually say it out loud :)

Penny said...

She's also the one who claims to be dating Jesse James. However, I am sure she is not the one who makes the perfume, lol. I have Juicy Couture (a Christmas gift, thankfully -- I rarely buy perfume on my own), and even that bottle, I kinda thought, "Really? This doesn't scream cute bottle to me." However, yours definitely tops my weird one, lol!!!

Teresa Dawn said...

I don't wear fragrances...

I also don't like tattoos and I'll admit the name is awful. I saw the show once or twice (LA Ink) and it wasn't near as bad as I expected. The girl was quite down to earth and I liked that she stood up for her friends and seemed very compassionate about people and animals... but obviously there is a lot I would totally disagree with her on too. But no one will see your bottle of perfume so I guess your okay :)