Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Shrine to Chef Boyardee

Despite its zero nutritional balance, Spaghettios or Chef Boyardee's Copycat version, Mini-Bites remains a favorite with La Petite Belle. And, when I say "favorite," I mean she asks for it for a special meal when we go to the store. Make that any time we go to the store.

I rarely buy it, except for special occasions & shameless bribery. (Did I just say "special occasions"? What special occasions require Spaghettios? None I want to go to. Dumb.)

Due to a grand sale at Albertson's & the fact that school starts next week, bringing along with it the joy of lunch-packing, I stocked up.

I placed them neatly in the cabinet only to come back a few hours later to find them in this shrine-like pyramid. My other cans were quite envious in their two-can high, even arrangement.

She just smiled & giggled when I questioned her about it.

She's a tad excited.

The only difficult task is keeping her away from them until next week. It's quite torturous for her. So far, so good.


Jeanette said...

I thought the same thing when you mentioned "special occasion"!

Glad she loves it :}

Teresa Dawn said...

Sounds like my younger brother with Kraft Dinner lol!

He loves it so much, but growing up my mum would not (despite his pleas) by the more expensive gourmet kinds for him to try (like 3-cheese, or extra cheese or whatever they may be) so one year I bought him a big case of KD for his birthday... and he absolutely loved it!