Monday, August 9, 2010

La Petite Belle's Photography

On the very important date of Beau's birthday, I misplaced the camera. Therefore, I had to rely on La Petite Belle to photograph the event. The usable pictures were limited and, as you can see, the date on the pictures are not quite accurate.

The birthday boy before his gifts
The girls and I showed up early to church bearing warm, homemade strawberry muffins.
And, we all brought homemade cards. This was K Belle's drawings of our family. She's quite good.
Then, lunch with friends at Carrabba's ... like I said, limited pictures.
But, our "adopted" son was there.
We made another little trip to Crush yogurt, one of my favorite places.

Then, accompanied this adorable little one to the water fountain.

And, this adorable one too, along with her sister, the photographer.

Happy Birthday, Beau!
As I've said before, you were made for me. So glad you were born, love.
I know this day was great, but I know you'll enjoy your iPhone 4 even more!

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Megan Epley said...

Those drawings are great!