Monday, August 2, 2010

Celebrating with the Teenager

K Belle thinks this is the most important birthday of her lifetime ... 13.

She just entered a new era and is now able to do so many things that she didn't get to do before like ... ummmm ... go to youth group, and ... ummm ... say she's a teenager, and ... ummm ... that's pretty much it.

But, it is a milestone. This is her last year in middle school, which Mama Belle doesn't even want to think about right now. Boo to high school. Boo you.

I can't even imagine my baby girl with all those "older" kids and their peer pressure and issues and harassment. Let's not go there.

But, today, we celebrate. Or should I say we celebrated this weekend with pizza and a movie with a few of her friends because thirteen-year-olds don't really have birthday parties anymore because they're way too mature for that.

Friends and pizza.

There were presents.
She was happy about this card because it gave her the present of "One Conditional Facebook Account," which meant Mama Belle will have access to all messages, friends, photos, etc. (Hint: If you want to know how to do this, email me. I'm a genius.) And, of course, said Facebook account can be taken away at any time due to pretty much any indiscretion or misbehavior. Let's see how this goes.

There was cookie cake.
We all piled into my little Highlander and headed to the movies. "Beezus & Ramona" ... so cute.
But, actually her real present was this: her covenant (or some call, purity) ring. This is a whole other post in itself for tomorrow.
See you then!


H-Mama said...

What a fun time. I concur with everyone else in saying that you look far too young to have a teenager. :)

We tried to talk our girls into seeing this movie yesterday. (Glad to know it's worth the ticket.) Instead, they had swimming on the agenda. Oi.

{Jodie} said...

Yeah, 13 is a pretty big deal, so congratulations to your big girl. :)

On the other hand, I wouldn't go back to 13 to save the universe.

the domestic fringe said...

Happy Birthday to your TEEN!

Jeanette said...

I love my teenage daughters! Best time of my parenting life - even with Facebook!! Don't worry about high school, your girls will do great and may even surprise you (mine did!)...

Happy 13th Birthday kiddo!!

Colored With Memories said...

wow! happy thirteen!

it is still a ways away for us, but i know it will fly by quickly...will keep tabs on you to see how it goes!