Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Night of Southern Things

It started with Pioneer Woman's Beans & Cornbread. Mighty good.
Add a little Southern-Style Sweet Tea ...
And Blue Bell's Southern Hospitality (which I was a little concerned about, but it ended up being quite yummy) ...
And, the mother of all Southern films ...
And you got yourself a par-tay ... Southern-style.

I had these young-uns over Tuesday night. These girls are from the South and only one had seen (and loved ... a girl after my own heart, Miranda) "Gone With the Wind." I know ... A Total Travesty!
La Petite Belle also attended and watched it for the third time.
They were enthralled, of course.
But, honestly, two hated it (because of the over-the-top drama and dying ... kinda sounds like real life to me). Two loved it.

Well, at least I've done my part to educate these young whipper-snappers on the history of one true Southern belle.

Next, Steel Magnolias.
(I KNOW ... only Miranda has seen it. The others ... not! Yet another travesty.)


Jeff Ables said...

Robin had a great time! Maybe Rich needs to have some of the boys in the church over to watch Gone in Sixty Seconds?
As for southern movies might I suggest "Driving Miss Daisy." A true classic.
Thanks for spending time with my baby girl!

Michelle said...

I LOOOOVE Pioneer Woman! She's hilarious. And of COURSE Steel Magnolias is a must :) It's my favorite of all time. That and Beaches.

The Hat Chick said...

Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes and Gone with the Wind.....the trifecta!

Jeanette said...

At least you are there to save them from themselves!! Now they will be properly raised young ladies ;]

Tammy said...

Whoa that food looks mighty good!

I'm gonna have to give only 1 thumb up to GWTW because my mom made me watch that a bazillion times when I was growing up. But Steel Magnolias is definitely a must see!

Teresa Dawn said...

About three years ago I watched the first half of that movie on tv. I had never seen it before. But they left it to finish the next week and as I had to work the next week I have never seen the second half.