Friday, July 30, 2010

Don't judge a book by its cover.

Some people are funny because they have to be for people to like them. Or so they think.

Some people keep a little (or a lot) extra weight on to use as their own excuse as why others may not like them. It's safe. No one can get close and consequently they don't have to make themselves vulnerable or get hurt.

Some people are perceived as "stuck up," when really they are just uncomfortable meeting new people.

Some people act tough, but they're just little kids on the inside covered up by great big walls on the outside.

Some people use sarcasm as a method of keeping others at arm's length.

Some people suffer through lots of unhealthy relationships due to issues with their father. Fathers, present or unpresent, are more important than they think.

Some people place way too much emphasis on their abilities and approval from man because of low self-esteem and insecurity.

Some people think that if others really knew who they were inside, they wouldn't like them.

Some people will live with regret for the rest of their lives no matter how hard they try to get rid of it.

This pretty much sums up what I know about people, their issues, and mine.

We all have issues. Some more than others.

But, one thing's for sure, if you don't take the time to know someone ... really know them ... you'll just live with your own preconceived notion of who they are.

YOUR NOTION is not who they are at all.

So, don't judge ... me or anyone.

You just don't know. You just don't.

It's really not fair.

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." - Mother Teresa

I definitely am guilty of not loving people enough and have been on both sides of judgement. Not fun.

Now, let's be real, if you REALLY know them and they're still a jerk or a pain in the rear, avoiding them is acceptable in my book. I'm pretty sure you can love from a distance.


the domestic fringe said...

That last line made me chuckle! Everything you said is SO true. We are so quick to pass judgement on others without taking any time to get to know them. I've had it happen to me many time, but I've also been guilty of it. You're right, NOT fun.

Sara said...

Thank you. I needed to read this today. "And that's all I'm gonna say about that." ~Forrest Gump

Cathy said...

Amen! Sometimes loving from a distance is all you can do with some people!!

The Hat Chick said...

So true, so true! I am the person who is shy about meeting new people and I often hear later that I am percieved as snotty. It's, I'm judged as snotty, two, I don't get a chance to know a new friend because I'm a little shy, three, I don't know what to do to fix this problem.

Thanks for another great bring it home every time!

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Wow. You nailed it. I shudder at the ones I can relate with - because I don't love those things about me, but wow is it ever true.

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

I just found your blog. I love it. I'm following you now.