Monday, July 19, 2010

Deep Conversations at 9:00 p.m.

We attempted an early bedtime last night so that the girls wouldn't be such bears in the early morning as they leave for a week of camp.

About 15 minutes after I had tucked them in, said their prayers, and kissed them goodnight, La Petite Belle came down the stairs in tears.

She said, "Mama, can you pray with me?"

Me: "Why are you crying?"

La Petite Belle: "I don't want you and Daddy to die while I'm away."

Me: "We're not going to die. At least, we'll try really hard not to."

Le Petite Belle continues, with tears pouring down her face, "But, I don't want you to die. I'll just be torn to pieces if I have to live without you and not be able to see you. And, Daddy scares me when he says, 'We're not promised the next 5 minutes.'"

I respond by talking to her about heaven and how that's the only place where we'll be able to be together forever with no sadness or tears. Then, how she doesn't have to worry about anything if Jesus is in her heart and she's living for God. And, who knows? Jesus could come back at any time.

Then, she says, "But, what if Jesus is not real and we just die and there's nothing?"

Me: "Jesus is real."

La Petite Belle: "But, I've never heard Him speak to me one single time in my whole life."

I then proceed to tell her about how God speaks to us through His Word and His Holy Spirit. Then, explain that she really needs to be reading her Bible every day and God will speak to her.

La Petite Belle: "But, you know I hate to read."

Me: "Well, if you want God to speak to you, you have to read it."

We talk a little more about a few other things. Then, we begin to pray.

I start.

Then, she finishes and so earnestly includes this: "Jesus, please come back soon so none of us have to die. Please come back soon!"

As she said that, I got teary-eyed thinking about how that should be my prayer every night. Instead of praying about my own agenda and my own plans, I want to have a heart that can honestly pray, "Jesus, come back soon! I'm ready anytime You are."

I want to be ready.


sara said...

great post. And that girl of yours is precious!!!

How lucky she is to have a mamma that sees a moment to feed into her heart and follows through!

Jeff Ables said...

Even so, Lord Jesus come quickly! You handled this well Daphne. You're a great mom.

Pintsize Mom said...

Wow! Great post! You got me thinking about the way I pray and that I need to add that in my prayers also!

NinjaPrincess said...

Mama Belle,
Great thoughts! If she's looking for some reassurance of God's existence, you can look through with her. It's a website that shows how science backs up the claims of the Bible. They are called (and their goal is to provide) Reasons to Believe.

Every day they add a new scientific reason to believe. A good place to start is under resources in "TNRTB archive."

It's great that she's thinking about these important questions! :)

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Wow. Bless her heart - you know what I love about kids? I think they say what we sometimes think and are too self-conscious to say. And what a great opportunity to reassure her and share your faith and experience. Job well done mama!!

phoebe said...

Wow, your answer was amazing..! Her question was amazing..sometimes I wonder how many kids think like that or feel like that, but never ask the questions. You should be proud of yourself for your answer, but even more proud of raising her in a way that she felt comfortable to ask the questions and share her thoughts with you. You are not only a great mom but a Godly mom, and that my dear is something to be proud of!

Teresa Dawn said...

What a sweet girl. I often pray the same thing.

BaronessBlack said...

What a sweetheart!
My Mum tells a story about how my parents were getting ready to leave me with a babysitter so they could go out to dinner. I stood on the doorstep sobbing "Don't forget to write to me!" - Time isn't always the same to children. But then we have to become like children to enter heaven anyway (Matt 18:3).
Have you tried explaining that the word for Angels is the same as for messengers? There are many ways that God speaks to us, if we're ready to hear. Then again, depending on how easily led you think she is, you may want her to just stick to her Bible!

Jeanette said...

Amen! Come quickly Jesus!!

Cathy said...

She had great questions and you had great answers. Good job and thank you for sharing it with us.