Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sue Venir

(name taken from a gift shop in the Houston Airport ... Did you think I could make that up on my own, much less want to?)

When I was gone last week, I did talk with La Petite Belle once on the phone. Her first question to me was, "Did you get me a doll?" Not, "How are you doing?" Not even an, "I miss you."

I, of course, did not tell her.

But, she did.

To add insult to injury, when asked if she missed me last week, La Petite Belle said, "Not really. We were really busy."


K Belle, that sweet thing, said she missed me. Well, thank God.

Beau, of course, was thrilled that I was home. (I think he missed me the most.)

And, I'd say he was equally thrilled when he opened his gift.
It's engraved, mind you. How cool is your own machete with your name engraved on it? I don't think any of his friends have one of these. He will be the envy of the neighborhood when he takes this out to work in the yard.

Now, he can finally chop that path through the forest he's been longing to. Or it'll just be placed in the kitchen knife drawer for serious meat-cutting.


Cathy said...

Gotta love the kids and their comments!! lol

{Jodie} said...

I wish I'd come up with the name Sue Venir.