Thursday, June 3, 2010

Got To Be Real

A little mood music while you read ...

The feedback I have gotten about continuing on this blogging journey has been incredible. Thanks to all of you who love me for who I am and don't want me to change anything.

It got me thinking about the number one comment that was made about this blog and about the author ... moi.

"You're real."

What does that even me?

To me, being "real" means just being yourself with no pretense, then calling things like you see them.

The realness part of me is the part that gets me into trouble because of the fact that "real" people lack filters.

One of my very best friends in the world said this to me yesterday, "You say what we're all thinking."

I get that. I can accept that. It's probably true.

Another friend said, "I relate to you because you don't use flowery language or try to sugar-coat everything. You tell it like it is. And, when I read your reaction to something, it's a reaction I would have and not some super-spiritual thing that I don't even understand."

I've been thinking about all the comments and emails and Facebook messages ... several which spoke to me tremendously.

I don't think God is really concerned about whether I write this blog or not because this blog does not take any time away from my family or life in general. I really think He's leaving this choice up to me and He'll love me the same whether I write a post about biscuits or my lack of holiness.

It is MY place. It is for MY opinion. It is for MY thoughts.

And, ultimately, it is really for MY children ... to leave them with something that they can go to always to know who their mother is or was and to document a lifetime of memories. That's it. That's what it is.

So, really, it would be quite cowardly and selfish for me to quit because of someone else or not write from my heart. (And, you can always not read or unsubscribe if you don't like what I say, right?)

Ces't tout. (Translation: That's all.)

One question: What makes one person "real" and another person not?


Rachel @ Future Pastor's Wife said...

I meant to comment on your post the other day and time just got away from me. I do NOT think you should quit. So what if someone doesn't like what you have to say? They can go read somewhere else (just like you said). I love you & your blog for the very fact that you DON'T put up pretenses. What you see is what you get. You are not afraid to admit when you stumble and your document your walk with God as you get through it. There is a place and need for teaching blogs, but there is also a need (a growing need, I think) for blogs where people - Christians - are just real about their walk. Fallen, imperfect people trying to serve Christ in a world determined to take them down. I think you demonstrate this in your blog, and I think that's why people love you so much. So please don't stop. :)

Daiquiri said...

What makes someone real and someone else not? What a great question. Thinking...thinking...thinking...

I think someone who's NOT real is someone who spends more time thinking about what someone else wants or thinks. The result is them coming from a place of wanting to conform or impress or pacify that imagined audience.

Someone who IS real...they either spit it out before they really consider what's going on in other people's minds (what I tend to do!) TIME for mental censorship. OR they just don't care what other people think and so don't see value in considering how their message will be received.

It's dawning on me now that you were probably asking a rhetorical question. See? I respond without thinking ;-)

Sure glad you're sticking around. I'd miss you.

Cathy said...

Glad you're staying!

Megan Epley said...

Just a quick comment - you've never offended this reader!

Sara said...

What makes a person "real"?
And what you said about filters.
I lack filter at times, especially when I see or know someone is being untruthful. Drives me crazy. Besides NOTHING is hidden in HIS sight. We all got issues, we got unholiness, that's why it is IMPORTANT to share what we struggle with, how else can we encourage one another? By lying? I don't think so!
What makes a person real?
Transparency! And you got it!

Rachelle said...

So glad your staying around. :)

jennifer said...

Whew! Glad you decided to stick it out.

I would say that real may translate to "honest"... seems like people are hungry for honesty these days.

lmb122 said...

YEA, so glad u are gonna stay! I think the previous poster hit the nail on the head..being "real" is just being honest, and sometimes the truth may hurt some ppl. They just need to get grow some tougher skin, or just don't read your blog!! Cheers!!

Lois Lane II said...

Whew!! Glad you're sticking around!

I hate hate hate pretenses. I see them all the time, and I think, "I don't want that to be me." I think women -- especially Christian women -- are expected to be these superwomen who cook, clean, keep the kids, have a job, and still look smoking hot. Oh, and while they're doing everything plus some, they have to keep it all together. All. The. Time. But I don't think any of us have it together. We're imperfect. We're human. We're God's creations, and we continuously struggle to be like Him. And I think sometimes when people see someone who has a perfectly spotless house, who looks beautifully tanned and toned, who has kids and a job and not a hair out of makes them feel like a failure -- it makes me feel like a failure, at least. But what I've learned is people who put a smile on all the time and pretend to have it together...they don't. And I just think it's a lot easier if we all just supported each other instead of tried to pretend we're all perfect.

Whew. That was a novel. =)

the domestic fringe said...

So glad you are blogging on!

I think the 'real' people are the ones who show the good, bad, and the ugly, because let's face, we're a combination of all three...sometimes in the same minute. Ok, maybe that's only me.

If someone is looking for something they aren't getting on your blog, let them go elsewhere. There are plenty of people pretending to be perfect out there. What you give us is real. It's yourself and that can't be gotten elsewhere.

Thanks for blogging. I look forward to reading your posts!

Lori said...

Thats wonderful...I'm very happy you came to this decision...and that you got so much positive feedback about YOUR blog because it is Yours and its Your legacy to your children and that in the end is the most important thing. And I think your are right God won't mind if you blog about biscuits or lack of holiness. He loves us because we are human not because we are perfect...and imperfection is REAL.